Property Tax Payments: Delayed Reporting and Email Error

Published on May 14, 2024


The Unified Government collects property taxes for approximately 67,500 parcels across Wyandotte County and redistributes these funds to the various taxing jurisdictions (schools, community college, state, city and county, etc.). The deadline for the second half of 2023 property tax payments was Friday, May 10. While you may have made your payment on time, there was a temporary issue with account balances which has since been resolved. If this impacted you, please keep reading for more information.

myWyCo Email Notification 

On Saturday, May 11 at 10AM, approximately 6,700 inactive myWyCo app users received an email notifying them of a past-due balance on their account. The Unified Government has confirmed that this automated notification was erroneously sent out by our vendor. By Monday, May 13, the Unified Government has reviewed accounts to ensure they reflect the actual payment status.

Inactive myWyCo account users are those that have not signed into the web portal in the last six months. We strongly recommend you review your myWyCo balance to confirm that all payments have been recognized, verify there is no outstanding balance, and alert us if there are any issues. The Unified Government is working with the vendor to better understand the technical issue behind these erroneous notifications to ensure this does not happen again.

Late Notice from Mortgage Companies

The Unified Government relies on mortgage companies to transmit payment data, confirming receipt of payment for property taxes. Some of these companies share data with us directly while others rely on third party collection companies to share this information. The Unified Government has received several late reports from mortgage companies this year, including mail from USPS postmarked after the deadline, but has adjusted the receipt date so that taxpayers are not penalized.

While not ideal, the delay in reporting by various mortgage companies has impacted fewer than 2,000 parcels and is being closely monitored by the UG Treasury.

No Penalty for Taxpayers

If you made your payment on time but were part of the small population of property owners impacted by either issue above, you will not be penalized with any fees or interest. 

Learn More About Your Payments

Check out the Unified Government's webpage on real estate property taxes and frequently asked questions.

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Unsure about your payment status?

Visit the myWyCo app for information on your payments or to schedule future payments. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact 3-1-1 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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