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Kansas City, KS
Chris Cooley Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact your office?
What services and products do you provide?
What method of payment is accepted?
What information is available online?
How do I request a custom map or GIS data?
How do I find the owner of a certain piece of property. What if property address is not known?
How do I request to combine 2 adjacent parcels in order to receive 1 tax bill?
How do I divide an existing real estate parcel?
The address on my tax bill is incorrect. How do I fix it?
My parcel is mapped incorrectly. What can I do to get it corrected?
What are my real estate parcel’s dimensions? How many acres do I own?
I’m having a dispute with my neighbors over property boundaries. How do I determine where my property line is located?
Exactly where are my property lines?
Do you have copies of surveys?
Do I need a survey or permit in order to put up a fence?
The Building Inspection office says I need a plot plan in order to receive a building permit. What is a plot plan and how can I get one?
I have a problem with a property deed; can you help me with it?
Where can I find my property’s legal description? How do I write a new one?
How do I find utility easements on my property?
How do I find out where utility lines are buried in my yard?
How wide is the street right-of-way (ROW) in front of my house? Where does my front yard begin (property line)? Do I have to maintain the area within the ROW?
How do I find the right-of-way (ROW) width/road record for a particular road?
How far back are my property's building and fence setback lines?
How to get an alley or other right-of-way (ROW) vacated if it is not being used?
When was my home built?
What is the square footage of a commercial or residential building?
Do you have aerial photos, including historical aerial photos, of my property?
Do you have historical aerial photos available for Phase One environmental studies?
Do you have maps of mines or undermined properties in Wyandotte County?
What kind of historical maps do you have?
Where can I find historical land information?
What is a tax sale? When is the next tax sale?
What is the Land Bank? How do I purchase property from the Land Bank?
Do you have section corner reference tie reports?
Do you have Benchmark information?
What tax district/school district/commissioners district am I in?
Do you have levy and tax unit maps?
Do you have maps of Neighborhood Revitalization Areas (NRAs)?
Do you have maps of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) areas?
Do you have subdivision plat maps?
How can I get information about other Unified Government services?