Parking Ticket Information

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You must pay the original fine or schedule a court date within (10) days. If payment is not received or a court date has not been scheduled, the amount increases by $5 on the 11th day and an additional $5 on the 31st day after the violation. If payment is not received or a court date is not scheduled, your vehicle may be subject to immobilization.

To plead “Not Guilty” for a parking violation, call the Traffic Violations Bureau at (913) 573-5200 for a court date.

Note: It is your responsibility to make sure that the appropriate fine amount is paid in full before the date on the ticket.

If you pay your fine by check and the check is not honored for any reason, or if you fail to pay the prescribed fine on or before the court date, then the court will determine that you have failed to comply with state law and a warrant for your arrest will be issued and the Kansas Division of Vehicles will be informed. This will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.