Youth Empowerment (Y.E.S)
Office Hours:
Hours and services have changed due to COVID-19.
Call 913-573-8855 for more information.
Contact Information:
Michelle Smith
Case Manager
(913) 573-6734

Services are offered at the Health Department and at two local High Schools: JC Harmon and Wyandotte High School.

This program aims to help pregnant/ parenting mothers increase resources, increase levels of self-sufficiency and increase goal directedness by helping the mother delay a subsequent pregnancy.

Goals of the program:

  • Promote a healthy pregnancy and access to routine prenatal care while supporting educational goals.

  • Provide parenting education and support to promote infant/child development

  • Connect your family to other community services or resources

How does Y.E.S. work?

  • Resources/Referrals: for mothers who do not have Kansas Medicaid.  Information to other programs that may be helpful

  • Short-term Case Management: Prenatal and Postpartum care for mothers who will not be eligible for Kansas Medicaid after their (6) weeks post-partum check

  • Long-term Case Management: for mothers who remain eligible for Kansas Medicaid after the birth of their child.  Case Management services can be provided until the educational goals are completed successfully, client terminates participation or the parenting mother turns (21) years of age.

Who is eligible for Y.E.S.?

  • Wyandotte County residents

  • Pregnant women on Kansas Medicaid (21) years or younger and parenting teens with a child under (12) months

How much does Y.E.S. cost?
Services are provided at no cost to you.