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Wyandotte County Parks 

You will find listed below the names, addresses, and a small description of all the parks located in Wyandotte County. We have also provided a copy of a Park Listings and Park Map as well. 


Alvey Park - Metropolitan Ave. and S. 49th St., 23.63 acres, lighted soccer field and parking lot, walking trail, picnic shelter and playground equipment and portable toilet.

Bethany Park - Central Ave. and N. 12th St., 8.40 acres, two lighted tennis courts, picnic grills and tables, parking lots, drinking fountain, walkways and sand volleyball court, walking trail, recreation center with gym and meeting rooms.

Big Eleven Lake - Between State Ave. and Washington Blvd. on N. 11th St., 3.8 acres, manmade fishing lake, picnic tables, portable toilet and bandstand.

Bill Clem Park - Kansas Ave. and 10th St., 1.4 acres, softball field, picnic shelter, picnic table, large playground equipment.

City Park - Park Dr. and S. 26th St., 90 acres, four picnic shelters, restrooms, parking areas, water fountains, lighted soccer field, four lighted softball fields, portable toilet. City Park Pavilion shelter - portable toilet, picnic tables, water fountains, grill, restroom, playground equipment, parking. City Park South shelter - grill, picnic tables, no parking, no reservations. Regan shelter - 27th and Park Dr., restroom, parking areas, playground equipment, picnic tables, grills, sand volleyball court. City Park North shelter - 32nd and Ford, picnic tables, grills, playground equipment, and portable toilet.

Clifton Park - Park Dr. and S. 23rd St., 8.13 acres, playground equipment, picnic shelter, portable toilet, no reservations.

Clopper Field - Powell Ave. and S. 34th St., 8.13 acres, two lighted tennis courts, restroom, grills, tables, playground equipment, sand volleyball court, soccer field.

Coronado Park - Freeman Ave. and N. 52nd St., Undeveloped 65.23 acres, baseball diamond, softball diamond, park road and parking lot.

Delaware Park - 74th St. and Ann Ave., 35 acres, undeveloped. 

Wyandotte County Park


Edgerton Park - Edgerton Ave. and N. Third St., 1.94 acres, outdoor basketball court, one shelter, concrete amphitheater, playground equipment, no restroom.

Eighth St. Park - Barnett Ave. and N. 8th St., .79 acres, tennis courts.

Eisenhower Park - Georgia Ave. and 72nd St., 64.53 acres, one lighted baseball diamond, two softball diamonds, four lighted tennis courts, parking lot, restroom, football field, soccer field, exercise area, six lane track, shelter, playground equipment, spray park, recreation center with gym, meeting room and small kitchen.

Emerson Park - Strong Ave. and S. 29th St., 5 acres, two lighted tennis courts, gazebo, concrete play pad, park benches, drinking fountains and picnic tables.

Fairfax (Roswell) Park - Manor Crest Dr. and N. 7th St., 21 acres, one softball field, basketball court, and restroom.

Fisher Park - Fisher St. and W. 39th Ave., 4.16 acres, playground equipment, exercise area, outdoor basketball court and picnic tables, no restroom.

Heathwood Park - Parallel Pkwy. and N. 10th St., 12.5 acres, bleachers, lighted baseball diamond, grills, picnic tables, bicycle paths, spray park, restroom and exercise areas.

Huron Park (Indian Cemetery) - Minnesota Ave. and N. 6th St., 7.43 acres, walkway, floral gardens, benches, gazebo and Indian Cemetery. 

Pierson Park

Pierson Park

Jersey Creek Park - Between N. 5th and N. 18th St. on Parallel Pkwy., 24.4 acres, basketball court, bicycle trails, bridges, seating areas, walkways and playground equipment.

Kensington Park - State Ave. and N. 29th St., 12.95 acres, playground equipment, volleyball poles, picnic tables, grills, park benches, restrooms, lighted softball field, parking lot, recreation center, gym and meeting rooms.

Kaw Point Park - Fairfax Trafficway at the Levee, provides access to the river where the Kaw meets the Missouri, boat dock, boat ramp, 1/4 mile trail and Lewis and Clark historic information. Restrooms open for events.

Klamm Park - Cleveland Ave. and N. 22nd St., 32.10 acres, shelter, grills, picnic tables, playground equipment, restroom, drinking fountain, lighted baseball field, six lighted tennis courts, basketball court and parking lot.

Mac’s Park - Glendale Ave. and Garfield Ave., 2 acres, two half-court basketball courts and playground equipment, no restroom.

Matney Park - Shawnee Dr. and S. 40th, 9.95 acres, playground equipment, outdoor basketball court, shelter, grills, portable toilet and walking trail.

Mount Marty Park - Seminary Ave. and Hill St., 10.99 acres, site of Rosedale Memorial Arch (overlooking the city), lighted areas and parking areas.

Northrup Park - N. 10th St. and Grandview Blvd., 7.23 acres, playground equipment.

Parkwood Park - 952 Quindaro, 26.54 acres, outdoor swimming pool, park benches, swings, volleyball poles, two lighted tennis courts, basketball court, drinking fountain, driveways, parking areas, restroom and shelter.

Pierson Park - Douglas and 55th (in the Turner area), 125 acres, three shelters, all with water, electricity, restroom and playground equipment. Spray park, two lighted tennis courts, and a separate playground area. 10 acre lake for fishing, no boating allowed. The Pierson Hall can accommodate 500 people for parties, meetings and receptions.

Quindaro Park - Sewell and N. 34th St., 20.27 acres, restroom, picnic tables, grills, playground equipment, volleyball poles, two picnic shelters, softball diamond and two tennis courts.

Rosedale Park - Mission Rd. and W. 41st St., 55 acres, lighted softball fields, three non-lighted softball fields, two lighted tennis courts, shelter, playground equipment, skate park drinking fountain, grill, picnic tables, restroom, parking lot and two 18 hole disc golf courses.

Ruby Park - Ruby Ave. and S. 30th St., 5.63 acres, playground equipment. No restroom.

Shawnee Park - Shawnee Ave. and S. 7th St., 6.13 acres, lighted softball fields, bleachers, basketball courts, picnic tables, grills, playground equipment, stone bandstand, two tennis courts, exercise area, concession stand and two shelters.

Silver City Park - Lawrence Ave. and S. 25th St., 39.40 acres. No restroom.

Stony Point Park - Elizabeth Ave. and N. 86th St., 13 acres, bicycle trails, softball field, two tennis courts and playground equipment. No restroom.

St. John’s Park - Ann Ave. and N. 4th St., 2 acres. No restroom.

St. Margaret’s Park - Homer Ave. and S. 7th St., 10.12 acres, soccer fields, playground equipment, shelter, water fountain and restroom.

Thompson Park - 59th and Nogard, 11 acres, shelter, grills, picnic tables, sand volleyball court, playground equipment, walking trail, portable toilet and parking lot.

Vega Field - Metropolitan Ave. and S. 24th St., small soccer field, playground equipment, picnic tables, restroom and water fountain.

Waterway Park - Grandview Blvd. and Waterway Dr. on N. 11th St., 3.8 acres, picnic tables, benches and playground equipment.No restroom.

Welborn Park - Rowland Ave. and N. 55th St., 20 acres, two lighted tennis courts, two unlighted tennis courts, walkway, shelter, grills, playground equipment, portable toilet and parking lot.

Westheight Park - Wood Ave. and N. 22nd St., 7.09 acres, four tennis courts, grills, picnic tables, playground equipment. No restroom.

Wyandotte County Lake Park - Leavenworth Rd. and 91st St., 1500 acres, 400 acre lake for fishing and boating, 16 shelters, all with water, electricity, playground equipment and restrooms. James P. Davis Hall will accommodate 150 people for parties, meeting and receptions. Large playground area available for the public. Pontoon docks available for annual rental. Horse riding trail.

Wyandotte County Park - State Ave. and 126th St. (Bonner Springs), 325 acres, 7 shelters, all with water, electricity, restrooms and playground equipment. Four lighted tennis courts, two lighted softball fields, one lighted soccer field, one 18-hole disc golf course, skate park, 6-hole junior golf course. Wyandotte County Museum located inside the park. George Meyn building will accommodate 350 people for parties, meetings and receptions.

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