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Birth Certificates  

After obtaining a death certificate from the State of Kansas, property ownership may be removed if a transfer on death or joint tenancy deed has been filed with the Registrar of Deeds.  

An original copy of the death certificate must also be filed with the Register of Deeds.  You can apply for a death certificate by calling (785) 296-3253. If you are unsure about what has been filed, please contact the Register of Deeds at (913) 573-2841. You can obtain death certificates from Missouri by calling (573) 751-6385.

Birth Certificate:

  • Birth records from 1892 to June 1911 are available in the Unified Government Clerk's office located at City Hall, Room 323 
  • New birth certificates can be obtained from the Department of Vital Statistics in Topeka, Kansas  Please call (573) 751-6378 for birth records in Missouri.

Application for certified copy of  Kansas Birth Certificate
Solicitud para copia cerficicada del  acta de nacimiento
Application for certified copy of  Kansas Death Certificate
Solicitud para copia cerfificada del  act de defuncion

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