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H2O to Grow Grant Fund

A community-government partnership to increase water access and healthy food production in Wyandotte County

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H2OThe Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas (UG) is seeking applications from local residents and organizations looking to grow fruits and vegetables, reduce water run-off, and improve their community. This Request for Applications (RFA) offers local growers the opportunity to have a water tap installed for free, based on how well they fulfill a set of criteria.

Since 2009 Wyandotte County has ranked as one of the least healthy counties in the state of Kansas. Our residents die too young, don’t get enough exercise, and eat too few fruits and vegetables. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 18,000 residents have low access to food. Unhappy with these statistics, community residents and leaders came together in 2011 to create a plan for improving health. These recommendations now serve as the blueprint for creating a better, healthier future for everyone in Wyandotte County.

A group of citizens and organizational leaders who helped craft those recommendations recognized access to water as a major barrier to healthy food access in Wyandotte County. Called H2O to Grow, the coalition has worked for nearly two years to partner with the Unified Government, the Board of Public Utilities, and everyday citizens to improve water access and make healthy eating easier for everyone. This project is a direct result of their efforts and partnership with the Unified Government’s Health Department and Department of Public Works.

H2O to Grow Grant Fund - Materials for Cycle 2 Application

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