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Northeast Master Plan   |   Northeast Master Plan hold area for Yard extension & Property Acquisitions



On November 8, 2018 the Wyandotte County Land Bank Board of Trustees approved a 180 day hold for the area being considered for the Northeast Master Plan. During this hold period the Land Bank will be analyzing the Master Plan recommendations for areas targeted for development. The Land Bank will present those recommendations for targeted development to the Board the before the end of the hold period. During this hold period your application will remain on file until we can determine your request to the proposed development area. If your application is not in one of these designated areas, we will present it to the Board at the first available meeting after the hold is released. If your application is in a proposed development area, we will contact you to discuss your options. If you require additional information pertaining to this hold period, please contact the Land Bank office at (913) 573-5730.

Property Acquisition
Use this application if you wish to purchase a Land Bank property that is not for a yard extension or development.
Yard Extension
Use this application if you wish to purchase a Land Bank property that is adjacent to the property you currently own.
New Construction
Use this application if you wish to purchase a Land Bank property for new construction/development.
Land Bank Rehab Program

Wyandotte County Land Bank has expanded its program to a Tier I and Tier II group of rehabbers
Tier 1


Must be able to provide Occupational Tax Receipt
Must meet required insurance

Tier 2


If you cannot meet the requirements of Tier I you would fall under Tier II.

If qualified for Tier I all New Land Bank properties would be made available to you first to make an offer.

Tier II would have the opportunity to make an offer on all non-offer properties.

Lease-a-Lot Program
Use this application if you wish to lease a Land Bank lot.

Property Donation
Use this application if you would like to donate property to the WCLB. Check out our Property Donation Flyer for more information.