Mayor's State of the Government Address

5/14/2019 12:00:00 AM

Alvey Continues Goal of Improving KCK from the Neighborhoods Up


KCK Mayor David Alvey called for the community to “double down on neighborhood rejuvenation” in his second State of the Government Address.
Alvey stated the mission of the Unified Government is to improve the quality of life for citizens and businesses.
“That quality of life is most directly impacted by the quality of neighborhood-based services,” Alvey said.
Finding ways to provide those services in an affordable way is the challenge. The Unified Government has reduced KCK property taxes about 15% over the past three years, moving KCK from once having the highest property tax rate of among the state’s largest cities to number 13 out of 25.
“How do we bring necessary services to citizens to improve the quality of life in a manner that is fiscally sustainable? The answer is to continue to broaden and diversify the tax base. We must double down on neighborhood rejuvenation,” Alvey stated.
Alvey pointed to several positive signs:
  • Population is slowly growing.
  • Overall crime has decreased 11% citywide and as much as 28% in some neighborhoods.
  • New homes are being built or remodeled across the city.
  • Dozens of once vacant, tax delinquent homes are being renovated through the Land Bank Rehab program and sold to citizens.
  • The $155-million Turner Logistics Center project will rebuild the I-70/Turner Diagonal interchange, add up to two-million square feet of distribution/warehouse space and create 1,800 new jobs.
  • The former Indian Springs site is moving toward redevelopment as a $100-million “Foodie Park”.
  • The American Royal will break ground on its multi-million dollar complex in western KCK next year.
  • The Police Athletic League is serving 400 kids in the long empty St. Mary’s Church downtown.
Mayor Alvey concluded his address with a pledge.
“We will continue to move forward to improve the quality of life of residents who live, work and play in KCK and Wyandotte County, who go to school here, who invest their lives and families here… by opening our hearts and minds to all who come here, by seeking ways to serve the needs of one another, and by doing the small things well and simply always working to improve the quality of lives of our citizens.”    

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