WyCo Property Appraisals

9/17/2019 12:00:00 AM

Gain High Marks from State

For the first time in 15-years, Wyandotte County has gained approval from Kansas property tax officials for reaching substantial compliance with mandated State property tax rules.

That means all properties in Wyandotte County have been given appraisal values that reflect fair market values for what they would actually sell for. The State law requires properties to be appraised within 10%, high or low, of what the real world real estate market shows they would sell for.

Wyandotte County was considered out of compliance with State property tax rules for the past 15-years, mostly because commercial and industrial property values fell below where they should have been.

This decision by the Kansas Property Valuation Division means the Wyandotte County Appraiser has valued those properties accurately and at the appropriate value according the real estate market and State guidelines.   

“The results of the overall compliance review is yet another indication of the consistently high level of appraisal performance throughout the State of Kansas,” stated Property Valuation Director David Harper in a letter to the Wyandotte County Appraiser’s Office and Unified Government Commission.