WyCo Job and Pay Grow

9/23/2019 12:00:00 AM

According to Federal Bureau of Labor

The number of jobs and amount of weekly pay in Wyandotte County increased during the past year according to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Wyandotte County’s employment rate grew by 1.4%, which is the same as the national average. That ranks Wyandotte County 138th out of 355 of the largest counties in the nation.
Weekly pay in Wyandotte County grew by 1.8% with the weekly wage being $1,042, That ranks Wyandotte County 241st out of 355 counties for pay increases. By comparison, the average weekly wage in Wichita is $1,000. The weekly wage in Johnson County is $1,168 and the average weekly wage in Shawnee is $910.