Parks & Recreation

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Parks & Recreation
5033 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS
Jeremy Rogers Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
P: (913) 573-8327 F: (913) 573-8328 E: Email
Park Maintenance

It is our goal to maintain and improve the County's parks and park facilities, grounds, medians, urban forest, and waterfront in a safe, functional and attractive condition; and to involve and engage the community in the implementation of the mission.

The Parks department maintains (52) parks that include:

  • (48) play areas

  • (21) turf medians, triangles, and dividers

  • (44) parking and vacant lots

  • (75) paths, walks and steps and;

  • (40) undeveloped paths.

**Due to concerns from the spread of COVID-19, the Noxious Weeds office will be closed until further notice** Please call Kristen at (913) 573-8306 if you have any questions.

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