Stabilization, Occupation, and Revitalization

An Initiative to Improve Quality of Life for Wyandotte County Residents Through
Appearance, Communication, and Safety

SOAR is a 5-year plan to confront some of the most pervasive challenges in the appearance, communication, and safety of Wyandotte County neighborhoods. It aims to address issues like vacant and abandoned homes, property maintenance, loose dogs, poorly maintained streets, a lack of trails and sidewalks, mowing frequency, graffitti, and more. SOAR also aims to improve government services like communication with the public and resident satisfaction in areas such as perception of safety.

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Learn more about SOAR's goals, progress, history, and more through the mySidewalk dashboard.

Data and Progress
SOAR is a strategic plan based on data. See visualizations of data and follow the UG's progress toward its SOAR goals on the SOAR dashboard. You can also check out the UG's Open Data Portal.

How You Can Help
Discover how YOU can help KCK SOAR.

Invite SOAR to Speak
Invite the SOAR team to speak with your community group by contacting Assistant County Administrator Melissa Sieben at

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SOAR-Related Programs 

  • KCK Pet Help Program - The KCK Pet Help Program is offering FREE spay/neuter services for pets of KCK residents. Vaccinations and microchips will also be available for free when a pet is spayed or neutered. Call (913) 229-6121 or email to schedule an appointment.

  • KCK Police Department Crime-Fighting Initiatives - The Kansas City, KS Police Department has numerous juvenile engagement initiatives and targeted crime reduction programs to prevent crime and make the community a safer place.

  • kNOw LEAD KCK Program - Community Development and the Wyandotte County Health Department have partnered to offer lead remediation for KCK families through the Lead Hazard Control grant. Applications for assistance are available at the Community Development Office, 701 N 7th St Room 823 or the Wyandotte County Health Department at 619 Ann Ave. For more information call Community Development at 913-573-5100. Qualifications for the program include:

    • Homeowner of a single-family house in Kansas City, KS
    • Home built prior to 1978
    • Kids under 6 that reside or spend six hours or more a week in the home
    • Pregnant
    • Property taxes are current or on a payment plan
    • Income eligible:
      • Family Size - 1                                  Annual Household Income Limit - $41,900
      • Family Size - 2                                  Annual Household Income Limit - $47,900
      • Family Size - 3                                  Annual Household Income Limit - $53,900
      • Family Size - 4                                  Annual Household Income Limit - $59,850
      • Family Size - 5                                  Annual Household Income Limit - $64,650
      • Family Size - 6                                  Annual Household Income Limit - $69,450
  • Park Drive Neighborhood Project - The Park Drive Neighborhood project is a comprehensive place-based initiative meant to transform the Park Drive Neighborhood through strategic improvements, collaboration, and the designation of a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA).

  • Land Bank Rehab Program - The Wyandotte County Land Bank Rehab Program is the UG's way of getting tax sale eligible homes that do not sell in the Tax Sale renovated and occupied. These homes are often blighted and vacant but become beautiful and vibrant once put through the Land Bank Rehab Program. Learn more on the mySidewalk dashboard or apply to become a certified rehabber through the Land Bank.