Park Drive Neighborhood Project

The Park Drive Neighborhood project is a comprehensive place-based initiative meant to transform the Park Drive Neighborhood through strategic improvements, collaboration, and the designation of a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA). The project was initiated as part of the SOAR program. 

Strategic improvement Working Together
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA)
The goal of this project is to significantly improve Park Drive Neighborhood through a strategic (5) year plan. The area was identified as one with a multitude of assets and opportunities, but also many challenges. The Unified Government hopes to “stand up” the neighborhood in five years and, if successful, continue to use this model in communities across Wyandotte County. The Park Drive Neighborhood Project relies on intense collaboration among area stakeholders, businesses, and residents to bring transformation to this community. Meetings were held in June, July, and September to gather input, and the U.G. will continue to seek feedback throughout the next (5) years. The opportunities identified for the project require various parties to work together in order to be successful. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers the NRSA designation as an opportunity for cities to use federal grant money more flexibly. It is granted to communities that meet certain criteria. Commission approved the Park Drive Neighborhood Plan to send to HUD in October 2017, and the plan was approved by HUD in February 2018. HUD’s collaborative requirements for the NRSA designation are what the U.G. used to design the planning process for the Park Drive Neighborhood project.


(select image to enlarge)Where is the Park Drive Neighborhood?

If you haven’t heard of the Park Drive Neighborhood before, don’t worry. Park Drive was chosen as a name solely for the purposes of this project. The area is made up of multiple smaller neighborhoods, some of which are not formally named. In essence, Park Drive is an expanded version of Census Tract 422. It is bound on the south by Interstate 70 and the midblock of 16th to 15th Street on the east. The northern boundary is generally Central Avenue and part of Orville Avenue on the western portion. The western edge is 32nd Street in the northern half and Park Drive curving around City Park in the southern half.

Improvements Identified as Opportunities and Performance Measurements:

Performance Measurements

Recent Projects:

Traffic Calming along 19th Street south of Park Drive: 


Park Drive residents submitted a traffic calming request regarding concerns along 19th Street south of Park Drive. The Unified Government Engineering department conducted an evaluation of traffic conditions in the area and will share their recommendations and findings with the public to receive input. While this traffic calming effort began before the Park Drive Neighborhood Project existed, it has moved forward due to connections and strategic efforts created through the Park Drive Project. 

  • Public Meeting - Monday, August 6, 2018
    • 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    • Mission Adelante - 22 S 18th St, Kansas City, KS 66102


Park Drive Walking Event:


On July 9th and 10th, 2018, over 80 volunteers, consisting of both UG staff and external partners, walked door to door to speak to residents about the Park Drive Neighborhood Project. They discussed how residents can help by being good neighbors and invited them to the Park Drive Picnic the following Sunday. The teams knocked on over 1,000 doors and spoke to over 300 residents during this event! Volunteers left flyers and notes with residents, and hung them on the doors of those who did not answer. Each small walking group included a Spanish speaker for residents who do not speak English. Staff also developed a GIS Collector App to use for data collection during the event. Volunteers observed the houses and answered strategic questions such as - Are there children under 6 living in this house? This question helps staff know who to target for the UG’s new “kNOw Lead KCK” program. (See more on this program on the SOAR page.) 

Park Drive Neighborhood Picnic:


On July 15th, 2018, the NRSA/Park Drive Neighborhood Project hosted a successful neighborhood picnic at City Park. The picnic included free food, music, slam poetry, games, face painting, and tons of informational materials for residents. 21 UG departments participated, staffing informational booths and speaking with residents about their services. Additionally, nine community partners attended with information on what they provide. The NRSA team considers the event a great success and one partner, the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation (HEDC), provided some numbers to back this up. They had 12 residents sign up for computer literacy training, six for QuickBooks, and two for business startup assistance. They consider 12 their magic number as it allows them to bring their mobile lab and instructors out into the community. The NRSA team also provided them with connections to use space in the Park Drive Neighborhood. 




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