Stormwater Runoff Management

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The Unified Government is considering a change to the current stormwater fee.  The most recent proposal includes feedback from businesses and homeowners. Community feedback was clear – KCK needs a stormwater rate structure that is fair for all users, reduces frequent flooding risks, and adequately funds the maintenance & enhancement of stormwater infrastructure like inlets, culverts, underground pipes, and roadside ditches.

Many community members were surprised to learn that under the current structure, small properties and large properties pay the same $4.50 monthly user fee regardless of their total contribution to stormwater runoff.  The current fee structure is not just unfair for many homeowners and small businesses; it also fails to generate the funding needed to mitigate flooding risks, repairing failing stormwater infrastructure, and perform routine maintenance.

To address this disparity and the need for additional funds to repair and enhance stormwater management, the Unified Government is looking to implement a fee based on the amount of hard surface such as parking lots which creates more rain runoff. There are currently 3 funding options.  As the Unified Government Commission continues to study the change to the stormwater fee to better align with the rain runoff properties are creating, they would like more residents’ input on the proposed fee change.

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What is the purpose of the stormwater rate transition?
What is the mission of the stormwater program?
What does the stormwater system provide?
What does our community need?
Who pays for the program?
What are the program's challenges?
What are the solutions?
What are the benefits of change?
How much will this cost me?
Will there be fee reduction credit & appeals programs?
What's next?
Where can I send feedback?
Who can I contact with questions?
What happens if we do nothing?

Since December 2018, the Unified Government has considered almost 20 different rate structure iterations to meet the needs and expectations of Kansas City, Kansas.  This work has been performed in conjunction with outreach resulting in multiple presentations and FAQs.  This section contains copies of previous presentations, FAQS, and a list of the outreach staff has performed:

Where can I download copies of presentations?
What community outreach has Public Works performed?