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710 N 7th St, Suite 240
Kansas City, KS
Richard Mikesic Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
P: (913) 573-2821 F: (913) 573-2890 E: Email

The mission of the Treasurer’s Office is to assist the Chief Financial Officer in maintaining prudent custodianship of municipal funds by handling all revenue generated by the Unified Government, including the collection of real estate and personal property taxes for the entire County. This office operates according to regulations of the Kansas Department of Revenue.

  • Receives deposits and reconciles all revenue through the collection of permits, fines, licenses, taxes
  • Distributes the tax levies for: Wyandotte County, KS, Kansas City, KS, Bonner Springs, KS, Edwardsville, KS, Four school districts
  • Collects current and delinquent: real estate taxes, personal property taxes, special assessments for more than 67,000 tax parcels in Wyandotte County
  • Motor Vehicle Program collects: personal property taxes, sales taxes, and registration fees for all motor vehicles in Wyandotte County.

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