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Unified Government Clerk's Office

The Unified Government Clerk’s Office is dedicated to the taxpayers of Wyandotte County. The office is a multifaceted operation with two functions:

City Division 
City Hall, Suite 323

City Hall, Suite 318  
Assessment Roll  



The Clerk’s office serves as the official record custodian of city and county records of the Unified Government. Customer service, accuracy and transparency are our top priorities. We strive to fulfill the statutory duties of the office in a prompt and effective manner by providing services that connect citizens to their government.

We are responsible for meeting statutory deadlines and compliance of the Kansas Open Records Act by providing information and copies of official government records for citizens and staff. The Clerk’s office records, transcribes and distributes minutes of Commission meetings, processes special assessments, conveyance of deeds for Wyandotte County, updates and maintains the Code of Ordinances and provides notarization services.

The Clerk’s office is also responsible for maintaining efficient and expedient mail delivery of interoffice and outgoing mail.

For information regarding agendas and minutes or a request for information and records, please contact one of the offices or select one of the links to access additional information.

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City Clerk's Office   Hours   Bridgette Cobbins   Phone Numbers  
City Hall   8:00 am to 5:00 pm   Clerk   P: (913) 573-5260  
701 N 7th Street   Monday - Friday   Email   F: (913) 573-5299  
Suite 323     Carol Godsil   P: (913) 573-5263  
Kansas City, KS 66101      Deputy Clerk   P: (913) 573-8039  

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