KCKPD Police Chief Recruitment

1/29/2020 12:00:00 AM

KCK is recruiting for the next Chief of Police

Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief Recruitment Process

The City of Kansas City, Kansas is recruiting for the next Chief of Police. Under the Unified Government’s Charter, the Chief of Police is selected by - and subsequently reports to - the County Administrator. The County Administrator is seeking community input on what residents would like to see from the new Chief.

Department Facts:
  • The Police Chief oversees a department of nearly 500 employees and includes such divisions as Investigations, Patrol, Community Policing, Traffic, Narcotics, and Animal Services
  • The Police Department responds to over 135,000 calls for service annually in the City, with many of these calls being resolved by the responding officer(s) and not resulting in any arrests
  • Total target crimes have dropped almost 20% in the past 10 years

Recruitment Process – The Unified Government will conduct a thorough recruitment process to ensure the best candidate is selected. Steps will include:
  • Utilizing a search firm to recruit applicants and conduct preliminary evaluations of candidates
  • Extensive promoting of the position through the UG and the search firm
  • Initial evaluations to narrow the field to the top candidates: interviews, comprehensive media check, and utilizing an assessment center (recognized best practice for recruitment of public safety executives)
  • The two-day assessment center measures: interpersonal skills, communication, planning and evaluating, reasoning and problem-solving, and leadership
  • Finalists will make a brief presentation to the Governing Body in a public setting
  • Final interview and background check
  • Timeframe: starting January 2020 with a selection expected by late summer/early fall of 2020
Community Input
Engaging the Public in the Recruitment Process – The County Administrator is taking multiple steps to get input from the community on the selection of the next Chief of Police. This feedback will be utilized during the assessment interview with candidates.
  • Meeting with organized community leaders through Livable Neighborhoods in January 2020
  • Community focus group meetings in February/March. Sign up at ChiefSearch@wycokck.org by February 28 if you would like to participate. Due to the high amount of public interest, only a certain number of residents will be selected
  • For those not selected or unable to participate in the community focus groups, there will be a survey tool for the general public to submit their thoughts by April 1. The survey can be found at maps.wycokck.org/ChiefSearch.html.  Hardcopies of the survey are available upon request at any of Kansas City, Kansas’ recreation centers.  Completed surveys may be returned in-person to any recreation center or mailed to the County Administrator’s Office at 701 North 7th Street, KC, KS 66101.
  • Meeting with various long-standing recognized organizations (NAACP, El Centro, Chamber of Commerce, Black Ministers Union, etc.) to gather direct feedback
  • Candidate evaluation conducted by professional organizations, neighborhood group leaders, FOP4, and Unified Government employees selected by the County Administrator

Questions asked of the public will include:
  • What do you believe the Police Department does well?
  • What areas does the Department need to focus on in order to improve?
  • What do you think helped reduce crime in the past decade? Are there new areas or crime reduction strategies that should be addressed?
  • What is the relationship with the Police Department in your area? How would you like to see the interaction change?
  • How do we get people to step forward after serious crimes and communicate with the Department?
Input on the top priorities of the new Chief of Police – Through the public engagement process, the community will have an opportunity to weigh in on what they see as priorities for the next Police Chief. These could include:
  • Concentrating on recruitment efforts
  • Attending community meetings with the general public and improving community relations
  • Implementing rapidly changing technology, such as body cameras
  • Continuing efforts to reduce crime
  • Focusing on internal operations and employees
  • Improving response times to calls for service
  • Other

CONTACT:   Dave Reno, Interim Public Information Officer
                         Office: (913) 573-5307