Two Parts to a Tax Bill

2 Parts To A Tax Bill

Setting Values and Tax Rates are separate processes 

Property taxes are the result of two separate and distinct processes. The Assessed valuations are certified to the County Clerk prior to the budget process beginning.

Although the appraised valuation of your property affects your share of taxes, the actual amount you pay is determined by the budgetary needs of the local governing bodies. This is decided by what services will be provided in the coming year and the cost to provide these services. The budgets are approved at public meetings in September. 

Once this decision is made and valuations are certified, a tax rate (Mill Levy) will be generated the needed tax dollars which is then adopted and approved by the taxing jurisdictions. Your individual property taxes are then determined by multiplying your assessment by the tax rate. The tax rate is expressed as dollars per thousand dollars in value. 

The current year’s tax rates will not be available until November of each year.

Appraisals are affected by market conditions and property data. These values are established by the Appraiser's Office and based off of market transactions per the State of Kansas. The Appraiser's Office does not set nor control the tax rate. 

Tax Rates are affected by local budget and service needs. These rates are established by the taxing jurisdictions and based off of service needs. The taxing jurisdictions do not establish or control property valuations.