History of Mayors

Mayors of Kansas City, KS

Kansas City, KS was incorporated in 1886 and for (73) years was governed by a (3) member elected Board of Commissioners. In August of 1982, the city held and election and voters approved a change in the form of city government. Under the Charter Ordinance No. 84 the city changed to a (7) member, Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government in April, 1983.

In 1997, voters unanimously approved to consolidate the city and county governments into one jurisdiction. Over the past (123) years, (30) mayors have held this position. Kansas City, KS’ first mayor was elected in 1859.

David Alvey is the current Mayor/CEO of Wyandotte County and Kansas City KS. He was elected in  2017, and is the 30th mayor of KCK and the 4th Mayor/CEO elected under the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS.

Mayor Term
James R. Parr 1859-1866
Thomas F. Hannan 1886-1888
William Allen Coy 1889-1890
Thomas F. Hannan 1891-1892
Nathaniel Barnes 1893-1894
George J. Twiss 1895-1896
Robert L. Marshman 1897-1900
William H. Craddock 1901-1902
Thomas B. Gilbert 1903-1904
William W. Rose 1905-1906
Dr. George M. Gray 1906-1907
Dudley E. Cornell 1907-1908
Ulysses S. Guyer 1909-1910
James E. Porter 1910-1913
C.W. Green 1913-1917
Harry A. Mendenhall     1917-1921
H.B. Burton 1921-1923
William W. Gordon 1923-1926
Jabez O. Emerson 1926-1927
Don C. McCombs 1927-1947
Clark E. Tucker 1947-1955
Paul F. Mitchum 1955-1964
Joseph H. McDowell 1964-1971
Richard F. Walsh 1971-1975
Jack Reardon 1975-1987
Joe Steineger, Jr. 1987-1995
Carol Marinovich 1995-2005
Joe Reardon 2005-2013
Mark Holland 2013-2017
David Alvey 2017-Present