Labor Relations

American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees Local #1294

Description: Clerical, Technical & Maintenance Workers

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Contact Information

Robbie Fennix, President
(913) 573-2900

Jennifer Schmidt, Business Representative
(816) 457-5754

Carpenters Local #61

Description: Carpenters & Foreman

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Contact Information

Dave Earley, Director of Western Region/Representative
(816) 931-3414

Construction & General Laborers Local #1290

Description: Building Trades Laborers

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Contact Information

Jeff Philgreen, Business Representative
(913) 432-1903

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4

Description: Sworn Police

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Contact Information

Scott Kirkpatrick, President
(816) 807-7363

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #40

Description: Sheriff Deputies

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Contact Information

Jeffrey Tayler, President
(913) 573-8154

International Association of Firefighters Local #64

Description: Sworn Fire Personnel

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Contact Information

JJ Simma, President
(913) 788-8839

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #53

Description: Water Pollution

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Contact Information

Allen Dixon
(816) 421-5464 ext 4, or (816) 384-4818

LiUNA - Public Service Employees Local Union 1290PE

Description: Streets, Parks, Traffic Regulations

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Contact Information

Jeanette Brown, Chief Steward
(913) 228-8315

Jeremy Hendrickson, Business Representative
(913) 432-7738

Painters District Council Local #3

Description: Painters

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Contact Information

Frank Carpenter, Business Manager
(816) 358-2440 ext 203

Plumbers Local #8

Description: Plumbers

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Contact Information

Matt Harris, Business Representative
(816) 363-8888, or (816) 678-7654

Service Employees International Union Local #1

Description: Building Engineers

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Contact Information

Charles Onwuche, Business Representative
(202) 595-4706

Teamsters Local #955

Description: Sheriff Civilian

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Contact Information

W. Freeman, Chief Stewart
(913) 573-4153

Jerry Wood, Business Representative
(816) 923-3500

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #2

Description: Public Safety Dispatchers

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Contact Information

Sharon Douglas, President
(913) 596-3000

Chad Price, Union Representative
(316) 941-6452