2023 Real Estate Appraised Valuation Notices

The 2023 Annual Notice of Appraisal and Classification for all real estate parcels in Wyandotte County will be mailed on Thursday, March 9th and have an appeal deadline of  Monday, April 10th.

The Appraiser’s Office is required to value property at a fair market value as of January 1 of each year with exception of agricultural land, which is valued by its agricultural use.  Valuing at a fair market value means that value should reflect what’s happening in the real estate market.

The housing market has remained strong, and the county has experienced a continuation of increasing home sale prices.  Due to a shortage of housing supply, increased housing demand, and revitalization in various areas of the county, most property owners should expect to see an increase in their valuation.

Residential values will vary across the county, depending on numerous factors, including market trends, area demand and/or changes made to a property. More information on the residential and commercial valuations can be found on the web in the 2023 Appraisal Valuation Report, available at News – Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City (

Once a property owner receives their new valuation, if the appraised value is more than they feel they could reasonably get if the property was sold, or if they feel the classification is incorrectly assigned, then they should consider an appeal. Property owners who wish to file an appeal, can do so by submitting the appeal form using the online submission available at, hand deliver, or mail to the Appraiser’s Office at 8200 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66112. 

Upon receipt of a timely appeal, the Wyandotte County Appraiser’s Office will schedule an informal appeal meeting. Informal appeal meetings can be either by phone, based on evidence submitted or held virtually. It is important to submit documentation to support the appeal. Documentation can include such items as a recent fee appraisal, pictures of the condition that cannot be seen from the exterior of the property, comparable properties that have sold that the property owner feels more closely represent the value of the property, etc.

Once the informal appeal deadline has expired and a property owner did not initiate a timely appeal, the next opportunity to appeal is when the 2023 tax bills are due, which is on or before December 20, 2023.

Property value information and appeal guidance is available on the Wyandotte County Appraiser’s Office website at  Property owners are also encouraged to contact the Appraiser’s Office directly with any questions by calling (913)573-8400.