The Finance Department, under the leadership of the Chief Financial Officer, provides strategic financial advice to the County Administrator, Mayor and Unified Government Board of Commissioners. The Finance Department has six divisions: Budget, Accounting, Treasury, Capital and Economic Development Financing, Research and Payroll. The Finance Department is responsible for the collection and distribution of all revenues, payment of all expenses, the processing of payments to all employees and vendors, administration and management of all debt, preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and the development of the Annual Operating and Capital Budget. The Finance Department is also responsible for the development of the Government’s long-term financial planning and financial policies.

Important Issues

  • Emphasize the importance of a structurally balanced budget and the need to strengthen fund balances, specifically the General Fund balance reserve policy target by maintaining the operating reserve policy at two-months (17%) of operating expenditures.

  • Continue long-range financial planning forecasting, recognizing the need to properly plan for the continuity of service delivery, as well as meeting our debt limitation goals.

  • Align capital and operating budgets with Commission goals and objectives.

  • Maintain and improve upon the UG's credit ratings by Standard & Poor's (AA) and Moody's (A1) through proactive fiscal planning, strong liquidity, and encouragement of commercial and business development.


Our Vision

To be a resource to the UG organization that turns ideas and plans supporting our community needs into reality utilizing a fiscally responsible, collaborative, and results-oriented approach.

Our Mission

The Finance Department will partner with UG departments in fulfilling their own missions, to optimize UG resources and act as the stewards of UG assets, to provide risk mitigation and act as consultants for strategic decision making, to administer compliance with Federal, State and local regulations, and to safeguard and monitor the United Government's financial resources by providing analysis to administration, elected officials and the public.

Department Head

Debbie Jonscher

Interim Chief Financial Officer