Landlord & Tenant

Kansas Landlord Tenant Act(PDF, 73KB)

As a tenant, you have many renters' rights you may not be aware of. When renting an apartment, home or condo, or other unit, understanding your rights and how to enforce them makes you a better tenant and offers peace of mind. We also have videos that provide tips for landlords managing property. 

Tenant Info Videos

Module 1: Leases   


Module 2: Notices   


Module 3: Evictions   


Module 4: Deposits   


Module 5: Move In/Move Out Inspections   


Module 6: Renters Rights   


Landlord Info Videos

Module 1: Rental Application   


Module 2: Fair Housing Facts for Screening & Advertising   


Module 3: Leases   


Module 4: Non Renewals, Terminations, & Evictions   


Module 5: Rental Licensing & Inspection   


Module 6: CPTED