Rental Licensing

It is a photograph of a Rental Licensing Inspector performing their job duties. The Rental Licensing and Inspection program began in 1996 requiring all landlords of residential rental property to maintain a valid rental license in compliance with City Ordinance 66057 (Sec 19-25 through 249 of Code of Ordinances).

The program establishes standards to:

  • Protect the character and stability of residential areas.
  • Correct and prevent housing conditions that adversely affect or are likely to affect the life, safety, general welfare, and health, including physical, mental, and social well-being of persons occupying dwellings and the surrounding area.
  • Enforce minimum standards.
  • Preserve the value of land and buildings.
  • Protect the public from increased criminal activity, which tends to occur in residential areas that are unstable, blighted, or substandard.

Residential Rental License Expiration

All residential rental licenses expire on April 30th of each year. Obtaining a rental license is the responsibility of the property owner.

Tenant Information

If you would like the Rental Licensing/Inspection division to inspect the rental property you are leasing, please call us at (913) 573-8649 to schedule an inspection.

Are you living in a rental property? Do you ever wonder if things are safe and up to the current code? Below is a list of common things to look for:

  • Smoke detectors are required in each bedroom plus each level of the unit/house.
  • GFCI outlets are required in bathrooms.
  • Double-keyed locks are not allowed.
  • Copper cannot be used for gas supply lines.
  • Windows must be operable, not blocked or boarded.
  • Handrails are required at sets of four or more stairs/risers.
  • Hot water tank and furnace must be vented properly and operational.
  • Electrical panels and circuits must be safe.

For information on landlord and tenant rights, disputes, and resolutions, please contact Human Services and Watch Tenant Videos.