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Fairfax 100 Anniversary

Fairfax Industrial District 100th Anniversary  
July  - September 24

The Fairfax Industrial District 100th Anniversary exhibit highlights the progression of the district alongside personal memories. It includes familiar and untold stories of people, places, and events in the district. This exhibit is designed to help visitors connect with the place where tens-of-thousands of residents have worked over the past 100 years. Many of the objects and stories on display were shared especially for this exhibit. Visitors will see products made in Fairfax together with items employees saved from their time in Fairfax. Visitors can compare maps of the district, find out how long a company was in business, and look through employee newsletters and newspaper articles. It is a great way for families to connect with their past and we encourage visitors to share their memories connected to the district.

The Original Kansas City, Kansas 
Opening October 2022

1886 Map


Department Head

Amy Loch