Aerial Photographs

Both recent and historical photographs are available.

Vintage aerial photo paper prints at various intervals between 1941-1990’s can be viewed/copied in our office.

Download digital aerial images (orthophotography) of years 1997, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, & 2012 as GeoTIFF (and some MrSID)

Oblique aerial imagery from Pictometry International

We can prepare custom order aerial photo maps (printed on color inkjet plotter) from digital imagery

Environmental Impact Study Researchers please note: our air photo location service is available by appointment. Please call first.

County Road Record Books

Download Wyandotte County, KS road record book documents here.

These download files are digital scans of microfilm images of original documents. Manuscript legibility is less than perfect in some cases.

An index to road names found in the books is also on file in our office. You may inquire to our office if you cannot find a road record or have other questions.

Note 1: These are PDF files averaging over 100 MB file size.
Note 2: County Road Laws of Kansas may aid your road record research.

GIS Digital Data

This list not all-inclusive and is subject to change. Contact us if you are looking for something not on this list. The “$” symbol represents datasets that come with a fee. All other data can be obtained at no charge. Data file format is ESRI ® ShapeFile unless otherwise noted. Note that many of these GIS datasets are available for free download (see link to Downloads below). All other listed data can be requested from GeoSpatial Services (contact information is above).

$ Real Estate Parcel (with taxroll attribution including owner name/address)
$ ¼ section Topographic/Planimetric Maps (AutoCAD DWG format)- sample

  • City Limits
  • County Limits
  • Real Estate Parcels (with only Parcel-ID- no owner or address info)
  • Street Centerlines
  • Color Aerial Photography (Tiff or MrSID image)
  • Sites of Interest
  • School Districts
  • Elementary Schools
  • Secondary, Higher Education Schools
  • Public Parks
  • Kansas House Districts
  • Kansas Senate Districts
  • Wards & Precincts
  • UG Commissioner Districts
  • Tax Districts
  • Drainage Districts
  • KCK Code Enforcement Districts
  • KCK Building Inspection Districts
  • KCK Neighborhood Groups
  • KCK Land Bank Zones
  • Hydrology
  • PLSS Sections
  • PLSS ¼-Sections
  • PLSS Townships
  • Railroads
  • Zip Codes
  • Flood Hazard Zones
  • Underground Mines
  • Elevation (LIDAR)
  • Community Redevelopment Areas
  • Other—Inquire

No-Charge GIS Digital Data for Immediate Download

Historical Maps

Geospatial Services has a limited number of old maps and plans of interest to researchers and history buffs available for inspection and to copy.

Other sources of Wyandotte County historical maps include:

  • Kansas Room of Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Main Branch
  • Wyandotte County Historical Society and Museum in Bonner Springs, KS
  • Register of Deeds also maintains old land map documents

Land Survey Reference Reports

Surveyed corner monument reports are filed with the Kansas State Historical Society. They contain useful section corner tie information, as reported by surveyors.

GSS maintains a collection of these reports covering Wyandotte County. They are available for inspection in our office.

View a sample land survey reference report.

Plat Copies & Other Records

The following is available at GSS:

  • Photocopies of subdivision plats ($2.00/plat), or use our online subdivision plat/map search to find a plat document.
  • Taxroll database property record printouts, or use online public real estate search.
  • Hard copies of old city engineering maps, or use our online subdivision plat/map search to find an engineering map document.
  • Elevation benchmark information (Note: The elevation benchmarks are dated and incomplete)
  • Old road plans
  • Road records are available for inspection in our office, or find them online here.

Real Estate Parcels

Geospatial Services maintains base map (PDF format) and digitial versions of Wyandotte County real estate property base maps.

Digital Parcel Data

Theme Maps

Geospatial Services carries an assortment of maps about the County, available in color hardcopy for purchase in our office, or at no-charge in digital (PDF Document) format for immediate download.

Map Availability Chart

Map Page Sizes/GSS Hardcopy Office Fees
Downloads are PDF Documents



Standard Maps 24" x 36"/ $10.00
Specialty Maps 24" x 36"/ $10.00
Wyandotte County Streets No-Cost Download
Wards & Precincts No-Cost Download
UG Commissioner Districts No-Cost Download
Educational Facilities/School Districts No-Cost Download
Kansas Representative Districts No-Cost Download
Kansas Senate Districts No-Cost Download
Quarter Section Map Index No-Cost Download
BPU Districts No-Cost Download
Tax Units No-Cost Download
Bonner Springs Streets No-Cost Download
Edwardsville Streets No-Cost Download
Specialty Maps 24" x 36"/ $10.00
Wyandotte County Lake Park Not Available