Board of Commissioners

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The Commission comprises a Mayor/CEO, nominated at-large, and ten Commission members. Eight of the Commission members are nominated and elected from districts. The two at-large Commission members are nominated from districts and elected at-large. The Board of Commission has policy-making authority over the county of Wyandotte County and the City of Kansas City, KS.

  • Sets County policies.
  • Adopts ordinances.
  • Appropriates funds.
  • Approves land re-zonings and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance.
  • Carries out responsibilities set forth by the State Code.
  • Sets priorities for budget preparation.
  • Adopts the annual budget of the Unified Government.

Vision Statement

We are a vibrant, resilient community of compassionate and diverse neighbors, united for an equitable, healthy, prosperous future that is proudly Wyandotte.