The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction of infrastructure projects. These projects include all street and bridge construction, storm and sanitary sewer construction, and all traffic engineering.

Our Division includes:

  • the County Engineer
  • a staff of (5) licensed professional engineers, and;
  • (3) engineers in training

All who specialize in the various facets of civil engineering. Other staff members include a licensed professional land surveyor, and a certified inspection staff.

We provide engineering services and manage0 design projects of the Unified Government which include new construction and upgrades to the city's water and wastewater systems, street and storm sewer infrastructure and traffic control systems. We work closely with other local state governmental entities and planning agencies to coordinate projects.

We also address traffic calming, right of way issues, and street lighting requests. The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for traffic signal engineering, construction and operations, traffic signal timing & coordination, as well as the design of contractor installed traffic control signs and pavement markings.



Right-of-Way Permits & Procedures

Do you need to apply for a permit? Visit Public Works' Permit Page to get started.

Have questions about the Right-of-Way? View or download the Right-of-Way Manual for permitting and construction.

Traffic Calming Petition

Traffic calming is an integrated approach to traffic planning that seeks to create a more livable urban environment by reducing the undesirable impacts that traffic can have on neighborhoods. Traffic calming policies have been developed to preserve an environment where people can live and work without being threatened by traffic related problems.

The most common traffic problems on local streets and residential collectors are associated with excessive speed, cut-through traffic, and inadequate options for pedestrians.

If your neighborhood is experiencing traffic issues, Public Works' Engineering team is ready to help!  To get started, download and complete the Traffic Calming Petition.

Sidewalk & Curb Rehabilitation Cost-Share Program

Want to repair the curb or sidewalk in front of your home but need some help?  Look no further!  Public Works' Sidewalk & Curb Rehabilitation Incentive program is here to help!

Who is Eligible?
Anyone living in Kansas City, Kansas can apply.  The property where work is performed must not be tax delinquent. 

When can I apply?
You can apply for assistance at any time.  Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis until yearly funding is all used up.

How much can I be reimbursed through this program?
The Unified Government will pay a qualified contractor approximately 50% of the average cost for sidewalk and/or curb replacement for permitted and inspected work.  The property owner or resident is responsible for the remaining amount.

Do I have to use a contractor?
Yes.  All curb repair and/or replacement must be performed by a Unified Government licensed contractor.

Ready to get started?
Follow the link below to download the Sidewalk & Curb Rehabilitation Incentive Program policy and application.