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We want to make sure that you have an enjoyable time when you visit our beautiful lakes. So, for your full enjoyment on the water, please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations to preserve our natural resources and learn about boat, fishing, and hunting safety. The administration reserves the right to prohibit any or all fishing and boating at any time.

For additional information, please contact Parks & Recreation at (913) 573-8327.

The waiting list for boat slips will be updated as names are added or removed.


Fishing Permit Fees

All prices do not include the $1.00 vendor write-up charge.

Type Fee
Wyandotte County Resident Season Fishing $20
Wyandotte County Resident Daily Fishing $10
Non-Resident Season Fishing $40
Non-Resident Daily Fishing $20

Fishing Rules & Regulations

To obtain a booklet of Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (913) 573-2876 or

Location Hours
Wyandotte County Lake, Pierson and Bonner 6:00AM - 11:30PM
Fishermen must have vacated by 12:00AM
Big 11 Lake 6:00AM - 10:00PM
Fishermen must have vacated by 12:00AM
  • Kansas residents (16-64) years must have:
    1. A Unified Government fishing permit in their possession, and;
    2. State fishing license (required for ages 16-74) to fish at Wyandotte County Lake and Pierson Lake.

  • Kansas residents (75) are not required to purchase local or state fishing permits even if they reside in a county other than Wyandotte.

  • All non-Kansas residents (16) years of age must have a permit.

  • Trot lines, bank lines, jug lines, netting or seining of fish is not permitted.

  • Each angler is limited to (2) lines with no more than (2) baited hooks or artificial lures per line.

  • Anglers must keep fish on a separate individual stringer or suitable container so that Park Police can easily identify possession and creel limits.

  • Anglers may fish the entire lake except where posted. No bank fishing in the boathouse cove.

  • Anglers must abide by State Rules & Regulations.

Size Limit

Fish not meeting the length limit must be immediately returned to the water.

Wiper, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass 18 inches long (minimum)
Largemouth Bass 15 inches long (minimum)
Catfish 12 inches long (minimum)
Crappie 9 inches long (minimum)

Daily Possession Limits

No open season on frogs, snakes or turtles.

Wyandotte County Lake
  • (2) Wiper
  • (20) Crappie
  • (4) Trout
  • (5) Catfish
  • (2) Walleye
  • (5) Bass (large or smallmouth)
Pierson Lake
  • (3) Bass
  • (3) Catfish
  • (15) Crappie
Bonner Lake
  • (2) Bass
  • (2) Catfish
Big 11 Lake
  • (2) Catfish


Boat Permits

You can obtain boat permits from either Wyandotte Boat Rental or the Parks & Recreation Administration Office. However, no permit is required for Big 11 Lake or Bonner Lake. The park entrance, vehicle parking, boat trailer parking, and boat launching are free of charge. If you need to purchase gas or bait, you can do so at Wyandotte Boat Rental, which is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For further information, please call (913) 299-8488.

Boating Permit Fees

All prices do not include the $1.00 vendor write-up charge.

Type Fee
Wyandotte County Resident Season Boating $30
Wyandotte County Resident Daily Boating $15
Non-Resident Season Boating $60
Non-Resident Daily Boating $25

Boating Rules & Regulations

Location Hours
Wyandotte County Lake 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Boaters must be off of the lake by 11:30PM

Boating season is the first Saturday in March to November 30th.

All boats must have their Certificate of Registration on board at all times. This permit is NON-Transferable and NON-Refundable.

Who has the right-of-way?

Hand powered and wind powered crafts have the right-of-way over motorboats. Pontoon boats have right-of-way over motor boats.

Water Vessels

Permitted on Wyandotte County Lake only. All vessels must have permits displayed on the right rear transom of the vessel.


Proper lighting must be displayed on the vessel from sunset to sunrise.

Life Preservers

All children 12 and under must wear Coast Guard approved life preservers while on the vessel. Life preservers must be visible and easily accessible for all passengers on the vessel.

Do's & Don'ts

State of Kansas and U.S. Coast Guard Boating Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced. Park Police have complete jurisdiction of all craft on the lake.

Misconduct or violation of rules and regulations will result in fines and loss of boating privileges.

  • No reckless operation of a vessel will be tolerated.

  • No wake in coves.

  • 20mph Speed limit throughout the lake.

  • No personal watercraft, tubing or water-skiing.

  • No one will operate a vessel while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

  • Sailboards and Kayaks are permitted. Preservers and permits are required for both.

  • No vessel may fish from or tie up to any pontoon dock. Slip owners are excluded, but they must be on their boat and in their own slip. No fishing from the docks.

  • Vessels will be respectful and courteous to bank anglers.

  • Swimming is only allowed from boats – there are no swimming entrances anywhere on the lake.


  • Residents aged 16 to 74 must have a resident license in possession while fishing in Kansas, unless exempt by law.

  • All Non-Residents sixteen must have a valid Non-Resident license to fish in Kansas.

  • All licenses expire December 31st each year, except five-day, lifetime, and twenty-four-hour fishing licenses.

  • Kansas residents aged 65 to 74 are required to have hunting and/or fishing license.

Fishing & Hunting licenses are to be filled out according to the instructions on the permit. A photo ID is required at time of purchase. Customer receives the white copy as proof of purchase. It is Kansas Law that this information be on your person while participating in the sport you are licensed for. HIP (Habitat Improvement Program), trout and waterfowl stamps are also available through the Clerk’s office. The cost is $1.00 plus the process fee. The County Clerk’s Office sells fish & game permits upon request. Both residents and non-residents are charged a $1.50 processing fee in addition to the fees imposed by the Kansas Fish & Game Dept.

All annual hunting licenses can be purchased at:

Legal Kansas residents who have been separated from the armed services under honorable conditions and have a disability certified by the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs as being service-connected and such disability is equal to or greater than 30% may apply through the Pratt Operations Office for free hunting & fishing licenses (not applicable for park permits). Residency is defined as living in the state for sixty days immediately prior to purchase, except for lifetime licenses, which require one year.

Federal Waterfowl Stamp

You must have a State Hunting Permit and a Harvest Information Permit (HIP) prior to purchasing this stamp.

These requirements can all be met at the Shawnee office. See other options for purchasing the Duck Stamps. E-Stamps are also available for purchase in some States. Purchase a Federal Waterfowl Stamp at:

Kansas Wildlife & Parks District Office

8304 Hedge Lane Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66227
(913) 422-1314


Kansas Wildlife Parks Fish & Game Permits

Learn more about hunting regulations or boat registration for the State of Kansas. For information specific to Wyandotte County, see the Rules & Regulations for fishing in Wyandotte County.
Buy Licenses


Kansas Wildlife & Parks District Office

8304 Hedge Lane Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66227
(913) 422-1314

Pratt Field Office

512 SE 25th Ave, Pratt, KS 67124
(316) 672-5911


Parking Permits

Parking permits can be purchased at the time of tag registration or renewal and are good for one year. Parking permits to State Parks can be purchased at Kansas Wildlife & Parks District Office. If you desire to purchase a permit at any time other than when receiving your tags, contact:

Kansas Wildlife & Parks District Office

8304 Hedge Lane Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66227
(913) 422-1314


Wyandotte County Lake

Leavenworth Rd, N 91st St, Kansas City, KS 66109
Wyandotte County Lake Map(PDF, 455KB)

Fishing Hours: 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM. Fishermen must have vacated by 12:00 AM.
Boating Hours: 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM. Boaters must be off of the lake by 11:30 PM.

400-acre lake stocked with rainbow trout, catfish, crappie, bass (small and large mouth), walleye, and wiper.

Pierson Park

1800 South 55th Street Kansas City, KS 66106

Fishing Hours: 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM. Fishermen must have vacated by 12:00 AM.

Ten-acre lake for fishing, no boating allowed. Stocked with catfish, crappie, and bass.

Wyandotte County Park

State Ave & N 126th St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

Fishing Hours: 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM. Fishermen must have vacated by 12:00 AM.

Six-acre lake stocked with catfish and bass.

Big Eleven Lake

Between State Ave & Washington Blvd, on North 11th Street, Kansas City, KS 66102

Fishing Hours: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM. Fishermen must have vacated by 12:00 AM.

Two-acre lake stocked with catfish.


Kaw Point Park

1403 Fairfax Trafficway, Kansas City, KS 66115

Access to fishing in the Kaw River and the Missouri River. A Kansas State Fishing License is required to fish in the river.