School Crossing Guard Program

This program provides safekeeping for our children in school zones throughout Kansas City, KS. Parking Control employees school crossing guards at 22 school crossing locations throughout the city.

Crossing guards are trained both in the classroom and on-site. All are equipped with the necessary safety gear: reflective safety vests, stop signs, and weather-appropriate apparel. The primary duty of a school crossing guard is to assist children in crossing the street. A crossing guard’s first concern is the safety of the children under their supervision and reminding them of proper crossing techniques.

School Crossing Guard Responsibilities

  • Cross children by identifying adequate gaps in traffic or creating gaps by entering the crosswalk with the STOP sign.

  • Provide safety to children and pedestrians in designated school zones at elementary schools throughout Wyandotte County.

  • Projecting a positive public image and serving as positive role models for children.

  • Observing and reporting conditions or incidents that may create a hazardous pedestrian situation.

For more information or to inquire about employment contact Human Resources.