Treasurer Cash Reports

Status of Unified Government Funds

The Treasury Office of the Unified Government prepares periodic financial reports for public information. The current state statutes require the publication of a quarterly report.

Quarterly Reports

Presents fund information on a cash basis. That means the report summarizes activity much like a checkbook. The checkbook balance at the beginning of the quarter was increased by deposits totaling this amount and decreased by checks totaling this amount for a new ending checkbook balance of this amount at the end of the quarter.

In addition to the cash flow activity by the fund, the required report provides a reconciliation between the balance on the books and the cash in the banks. The report also presents a balance due on all outstanding indebtedness simultaneously.

These reports are published in the paper quarterly. The report is published at the end of the following months: March, June, September, and December.

These reports are not audited. The unified Government undergoes an annual audit, and the result of that audit, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, is published separately from this document.