Grants Management Division

The Grants Management Division within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer provides guidance on UG-wide grants management policy to all departments that:

  • Seek and receive federal funding

  • Engage in grantmaking

  • Execute policies and procedures to comply with local and federal regulations.


  • Develops, revises, and maintains policies and procedures for implementing best practices in grants management – and manages the UG-wide Grants Policies and Procedures Manual containing all grants-related policies for all UG Departments.

  • Provide assistance to UG departments in their grant discovery and grant writing activities.

  • Develops and delivers trainings and workshops on local and federal grants guidance for internal colleagues managing grants.

  • Hosts periodic UG-wide grant sessions to share best practices in grants management, disseminate updates to grants guidance, and connect the network of grants professionals, financial officers, and department managers working on grants in the Government.

  • Directs the State Single Point of Contact program to ensure intergovernmental collaboration among those agencies and organizations seeking federal funding in the Unified Government.

  • Facilitates the UG-wide Single Audit and liaises with audit coordinators to respond to findings.


Grants Management Advisory Committee (GMAC)

The mission of the Grants Management Advisory Committee is to standardize, streamline and improve Unified Government grant management practices, as well as to increase collaboration & partnerships between departments applying for federal grant opportunities. The Committee serves as a forum for sharing best practices in grants management.

The Grants Management Advisory Committee:

  1. Submit recommendations to the County Administrator concerning legislative recommendations and regulatory policy.

  2. Evaluate and make suggestions regarding performance indicators, accountability measures and program policies.

  3. Create a platform for effective dialogue and collaboration among departments and with external partners to coordinate programs and maximize available funding.

GMAC meetings are bi-monthly.

Single Audit

Single Audit of Federal Awards Programs

The Single Audit Act of 1984 (with amendment in 1996) and OMB Circular A-133 ("Audits of State, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations") provide audit requirements for ensuring that federal grants funds are expended properly. The Single Audit Act was enacted to standardize the requirements for auditing federal programs. The Act provides that grantees are subject to one audit of all of their federal programs versus separate audits of each federal program, hence the term “single audit.”

Single Audit Reports for the Unified Government are located on the Finance Department, Accounting Division web page.


The following are additional grant opportunities and resources provided by the Unified Government.