Maps & GIS

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Geospatial Services (GSS), formerly known as Base Mapping/GIS, is the mapping department of the Unified Government. GSS maintains the real estate parcel map for Wyandotte County and provides Geographic Information System (GIS) expertise and general mapping-related services to the Unified Government and its constituents. GSS develops and maintains mapping and GIS databases and applications, provides technical and operational support for GIS-related hardware and software, and offers GIS training for UG staff. GSS provides key mapping products to the residents and businesses of Wyandotte County. Data maintained by GSS includes land parcel information, street networks, political boundaries, emergency response facilities, recreational facilities, and other associated data on UG operations. GSS also provides analytical capabilities, helping UG departments tackle complex challenges by visualizing data to enhance decision-making. GSS offers downloadable maps, web maps, and printed maps.


  • Real Estate Parcel Base Maintenance
  • Development and Maintenance of GIS Layer Data sets
  • Land Records Administration
  • GIS Mapping & Analysis

Department Head

Chris Cooley