Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District Advisory Board

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The Downtown Kansas City, Kansas Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (“SSMID”) was created pursuant to the Kansas Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District Act (K.S.A. 12-1794 et seq.)  The Unified Government Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body of the SSMID.  The SSMID was authorized by Ordinance No. O-52-16 for a term of ten years, terminating on December 31, 2026.  The Act permits the governing body to create by ordinance an advisory board for the SSMID, whose members are representative of businesses located in the district.  The Unified Government issued a request for proposals for a consultant to serve as the fiscal agent and contracting entity for the SSMID, and the Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas was chosen and has been serving in that capacity.

The SSMID district consists of at least four square blocks within the central business district of the city, zoned only for commercial or industrial.  The governing body of the SSMID may levy taxes annually within the district for purposes of the district.  Public hearings are required before any work on improvements or services are provided.