Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact your office?

GeoSpatial Services
710 N 7th St, Suite #200, Kansas City, KS 66101
(913) 573-2941

What services and products do you provide?

Mapping information products/services include:

  • Maps- topographic parcel base maps, street maps, political maps, customs, etc. Most map products can be furnished in hard copy in several standard page sizes. Many maps are available for download (PDF) at GSS Map Downloads. Custom map service is available - fees may apply.
  • Subdivision Plats (available in hard copy or free download at Plat Search)
  • Aerial Photographs - recent and historical
  • Parcel ownership and other parcel info
  • Digital GIS data online GeoPortal, and on request
  • Undermined area maps
  • Section Corner Reference Tie Reports
  • Benchmark data (elevation)
  • Online web mapping service DotMaps Web Mapper

What method of payment is accepted?

Cash or check. Make checks payable to Unified Government Treasurer or UG Treasurer.

What information is available online?

The Unified Government has two main online sites that may assist you.

  • DotMaps Web Mapper is the Unified Government’s online mapping application. DotMaps is an interactive web mapping tool which allows you to choose map layers to display, perform a search on address, owner name, and parcel number, or pan and zoom to different locations.

  • Unified Government's public search tool called LandsWeb Real Estate Search provides basic property reports.

How do I request a custom map or GIS data?

You can visit our office, call GeoSpatial Services at (913) 573-2941, or email your request as follows.

  • Custom Maps:
    Email us at We will work with you to publish a map with the content that you need. Printed maps can then be picked up in our office.

  • GIS digital data not found on GeoPortal:
    Email us at We will inform you about types of data we have and the formats we can provide. Digital data can be copied to disk, FTP’d to a customer site, or emailed if file sizes allow. In some cases you will need to sign a GIS Data Transmittal and Confidentiality Agreement.

How do I find the owner of a certain piece of property. What if property address is not known?

If you have online access, you can use either DotMaps Web Mapper or LandsWeb Real Estate Search to search for properties by property address. You can also call the County Clerk’s office. If you don't have a property address but have an adjacent address, adjacent owner name or parcel number, the nearest street intersection, or some other landmark then DotMaps Web Mapper can help you locate it. If you still need help, call GeoSpatial Services.

Contact Information
County Clerk (913) 573-2874
GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

How do I request to combine 2 adjacent parcels in order to receive 1 tax bill?

If you own two adjacent parcels and wish to have them combined into one tax bill our office can do that. In rare situations we may not be able to do that based on factors such as tax district boundaries (school district’s boundaries, city boundaries, etc.)

Note: We can only combine real estate parcels. This will have no impact on your property's title work. If you have a mortgage on one parcel, but not the other, this combination of real estate parcels may affect your escrow and mortgage payments.

You may use this Request to Combine Tax Parcels (Real Estate Parcels) form (instructions included) to initiate your request.

You can also visit our online public mapping site DotMaps to see how we currently have your parcel mapped.

Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941 for more information.

How do I divide an existing real estate parcel?

We may be able to divide your real estate parcel based on several factors. We need a legal property description from the deed in order to know how and where to divide your parcel. We also may need to check whether the division would violate platting or zoning restrictions in the area. This is typically a case by case basis. You should check with our office, citing the specific parcel you wish to divide, to find out if dividing the record is possible. You may view how we currently mapped your property on DotMaps Web Mapper.

Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

The address on my tax bill is incorrect. How do I fix it?

For mailing address corrections call the County Clerk at (913) 573-2874
For property address corrections call GeoSpatial Services at (913) 573-2941

My parcel is mapped incorrectly. What can I do to get it corrected?

Bring us any documents or materials you have that could help us correct the issue. If you believe a mapping error has led to a valuation error by the County Appraiser, you can also protest your property valuation. Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

What are my real estate parcel’s dimensions? How many acres do I own?

For most properties we have dimensioning, acreage, and square footage information. If your property is uniquely shaped (more than 4 sides, over 5 acres etc.) we may only have acreage and square footage. If your property is platted, we will have the subdivision plat of your area with dimensions on it.

You may also be able to find lot line dimensions and mapped acreage using Unified Government's public access real estate search tool, LandsWeb. DotMaps, our online web mapper shows mapped acreage for properties, and in some cases actual lot dimensions.

Call GeoSpatial Services at (913) 573-2941

I’m having a dispute with my neighbors over property boundaries. How do I determine where my property line is located?

Only a licensed surveyor can determine exactly where your property lines are located. Property disputes between neighbors are a civil matter that can result in expensive litigation.

The Unified Government has a Dispute Resolutions office that may be able to provide a mediator between two parties. The most affordable and cordial solution would be to come up with some sort of mutual agreement with your neighbor. A more expensive option would be to hire a registered land surveyor to survey your property boundaries and arrive at a definitive opinion on property lines.

Call Dispute Resolutions at (913) 573-5225

Exactly where are my property lines?

Sorry, we cannot help you locate exactly where your property lines are. Depending on the location and nature of your real estate we might have map and dimension information that will help you find the approximate location of your property lines, but only a boundary survey done by a state licensed surveyor can delineate the exact location of your property boundaries.

Call a Registered Land Surveyor
Registered land surveyors are listed in phone book under “Surveyors Land.” We recommend calling several companies in order to compare prices/availability. As a public service, we provide a handy list of local surveyors (we can make no recommendations) here(PDF, 66KB).

Kansas Society of Land Surveyors has a FAQs page with helpful information on surveys for property owners at

Do you have copies of surveys?

We do not maintain land survey copies. There is no requirement that surveys are to be recorded or filed with the county. General land surveys are occasionally recorded and filed in the Register of Deeds office but that is a rare exception and they can be difficult to find.

Do I need a survey or permit in order to put up a fence?

  • Surveys or permits are not required in order to build a fence 6 feet or less high. Additional fence restrictions are available from the Planning & Zoning office for your local Jurisdiction. If you are unsure of where your property lines are beware that you are building a fence at your own risk and you may be encroaching on your neighbor’s property.


The Building Inspection office says I need a plot plan in order to receive a building permit. What is a plot plan and how can I get one?

  • A plot plan is a map of a property showing parcel boundaries, lot dimensions, location of stuctures and improvements, etc. Plot plans are submitted to support a building permit application. Only registered land surveyors can prepare one for this purpose. This Document lists requirements for a plot plan submitted to UG Building Inspection Department.

    We can provide some useful supplemental information to help you know how your property is mapped, including real estate parcel maps, tax roll property listings, old engineering maps, and subdivision plats covering your property, and also available is DotMaps Web Mapper-- but none of these is a substitute for a plot plan, if required.


  • Call: GeoSpatial Services, (913) 573-2941
    Call a Registered Land Surveyor

I have a problem with a property deed; can you help me with it?

  • We can offer whatever materials or maps we have on file in our office to aid in your research. We cannot offer legal advice or suggest corrective measures regarding land title. You may need to hire the services of a title company or a real estate attorney.

Where can I find my property’s legal description? How do I write a new one?

  • We can offer whatever materials or maps we have on file in our office to aid in your research. We cannot offer legal advice or suggest corrective measures regarding land title. You may need to hire the services of a title company or a real estate attorney.

How do I find utility easements on my property?

If your property is platted in a subdivision plat the plat may have easement information. GeoSpatial Services can provide copies of those plats. The UG Engineering Division may have information on sewers and drainage. Other easements such as access easements, etc. may be discovered by title research or a call to the relevant utility.

For easement information prior to digging call:

How do I find out where utility lines are buried in my yard?

How wide is the street right-of-way (ROW) in front of my house? Where does my front yard begin (property line)? Do I have to maintain the area within the ROW?

Plats, deeds, road records, and other materials can be researched in order to find ROW width. Typically, the ROW is wider than the actual street, and the street may not run down the exact center of the ROW.

The only way to know exactly where the ROW line meets your property line is with a survey, but we can provide materials that may give you a general idea. DotMaps Web Mapper can give you approximate ROW lines (not survey accurate). The property owner is responsible for maintaining the landscaping from the property line to the curb (this may include sidewalks, if present). For other problems contact the Engineering Division.

GeoSpatial Services: (913) 573-2941
Kansas City, Kansas Engineering Division: (913) 573-5700
Bonner Springs: (913) 422-1020
Edwardsville City Hall: (913)441-3707

How do I find the right-of-way (ROW) width/road record for a particular road?

We can find ROW information either in our subdivision plat files or county road records, or you can check online (if you know the subdivision name) at Plat Search Tool. Note that some road record and plat information may be out of date. Individual ROW takings may also be located in Register of Deeds office or the District Court. Assistance of a professional title researcher or surveyor may be needed to find all road information for a given area. Call GeoSpatial Services, (913) 573-2941.

How far back are my property's building and fence setback lines?

We may have some of this information depending on the nature of your property. Otherwise, contact Planning Department for your city.

Call GeoSpatial Services at (913) 573-2941
Kansas City, Kansas residents call Urban Planning: (913) 573-5750
Bonner Springs residents call Planning Department: (913) 667-1708
Edwardsville residents call City Hall: (913)441-3707

How to get an alley or other right-of-way (ROW) vacated if it is not being used?

The process of a city to abandon a public ROW or public utility easement is called a vacation and is accomplished with a city ordinance. Residents need to petition city to vacate ROW that is not being used for public access. Typically, any resident with property adjacent to ROW must agree to the vacation. In most cases once ROW is vacated it is divided down the middle and properties on each side of the alley or street receive half of the vacated area.

Kansas City, Kansas residents call Urban Planning: (913) 573-5750
Bonner Springs residents call Planning Department: (913) 667-1708
Edwardsville residents call City Hall: (913) 441-3707

When was my home built?

Call the Appraisers Office at (913) 573-8400 and speak with a residential property appraiser. You may also be able to find that information on the property listing found on LandsWeb Real Estate Search.

What is the square footage of a commercial or residential building?

Call the Appraisers Office: (913) 573-8400
Ask to speak with a commercial or residential property appraiser. They should be able to give you information about the structures on the property.

Do you have aerial photos, including historical aerial photos, of my property?

We have historical aerial photography of Wyandotte County, KS dating back to 1941. Within the past (30) years or so we have acquired new aerial photographic coverage every other year for the entire County. Older photo year editions may not have complete county coverage so it is possible we may not have older historical aerials of your specific location of interest.

More recent years aerial photography on available on DotMaps Web Mapper. If you have software to view image files, you may use our online self-service GIS data warehouse called GeoPortal to find photographs. Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

Do you have historical aerial photos available for Phase One environmental studies?

We have aerial photo prints of Wyandotte County dating back to 1941. For the past (30) years or so we have captured aerial photography of County approximately every other year.

Our online self-service GIS data warehouse with aerial imagery from many years is available: GeoPortal

DotMaps Web Mapper has various more recent years aerial photography (it's our online web mapping service).

Older photos are more sporadic in their coverage. We may or may not have older historical aerials of the specific location for specific years, but we tend to have at least one good source for each decade.

Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

Do you have maps of mines or undermined properties in Wyandotte County?

GeoSpatial Services has maps of undermined areas. Information on these maps are dated and specific site accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

DotMaps Web Mapper also has an underground mine layer for display (in Layer List, under Landmarks topic)

Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

What kind of historical maps do you have?

Other than aerial photos and subdivision plats we do not function as a historical document warehouse.

For historical information call:

Where can I find historical land information?

The Wyandotte County Museum and Public Library are resources for genealogical and historical research. The Register of Deeds Office contains all land title records, but abstracting land title records can be difficult for novices. Title companies have professionals that know how to research land title histories.

Wyandotte County Museum: (913) 573-5002
Strawberry Hill Museum: (913) 371-3264
Kansas City, KS Public Library: (913) 551-3280

What is a tax sale? When is the next tax sale?

Call Delinquent Real Estate (913) 573-2817

The Delinquent Real Estate office holds periodic tax sales to auction off tax-foreclosed properties. They can give you information about the next county tax sale and the tax sale process in general.

What is the Land Bank? How do I purchase property from the Land Bank?

Call Land Bank at (913) 573-8977

The Land Bank is a program that acquires property through tax foreclosure and then offers these properties for sale to the community. That office can provide information about the program, and how to purchase land bank property. Land Bank department also has an online mapping resource useful for finding LandBank properties currently on offer.

Do you have section corner reference tie reports?

Yes we have land survey reference reports with section corner information. Our records are incomplete. Complete records are kept with the Kansas State Historical Society. Call GeoSpatial Services at (913) 573-2941.

Do you have Benchmark information?

Yes we have a surveyor’s benchmark file that was created in 1981. Call GeoSpatial Services at (913) 573-2941.

What tax district/school district/commissioners district am I in?

The County Clerk handles the majority of political district requests. Our office has political and educational district maps available. You can also call the County Clerk or GeoSpatial Services to answer your questions about a specific property.

Our online resources for political district information include DotMaps Web Mapper and our free maps download page (PDF format).

Call County Clerk at (913) 573-2874
Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

Do you have levy and tax unit maps?

Yes, we can provide maps of taxation boundaries. Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

Do you have maps of Neighborhood Revitalization Areas (NRAs)?

Yes, we can provide geographic information about NRAs. Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

Do you have maps of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) areas?

Yes, we can provide geographic about TIFs. Call GeoSpatial Services (913) 573-2941

Do you have subdivision plat maps?

The Wyandotte County Register of Deeds office is the official custodian of subdivision plats. It is located on the first floor of the County Courthouse. GeoSpatial Services has paper copies of plats on file. As a public convenience GeoSpatial Services has a subdivision Wyandotte County Plat Search.

How can I get information about other Unified Government services?

Contact our 311 Call Center: