City and County Budget Simulator Launches to Gather Community Input

Published on March 28, 2024


How would you balance our city and county budgets?

The Unified Government (UG) is required by state law to have a balanced budget - which means we need to have enough revenue to cover our costs (expenditures). The simulator is a representation of the city and county budget. It shows the discretionary funding, the tax dollars and revenue that we can prioritize for different operating costs and programs, as a starting point. 

This year, we have made it possible for you to work on either or both the city and county budgets which makes a difference depending on where you live. Whether you are able to attend an upcoming DotteTalk or not, all Wyandotte County residents are encouraged to complete the budget simulator. Can you build a balanced budget?  

Check out this quick reference guide on some of the key considerations of the budget simulators. 

2025 Budget Simulator Guide(PDF, 153KB)

Your input matters.

All community feedback through the DotteTalks and budget simulator will be shared with the UG Board of Commissioners as part of the 2025 budget process. Please tune in to our upcoming budget workshops to hear what you and your neighbors have to say!

City Budget Simulator

County Budget Simulator