WyCo World Cup Readiness Taskforce Needs Your Input

Published on June 20, 2024

Wyco World Cup Readiness

As we gear up for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, The Wyandotte County World Cup Readiness Taskforce is seeking community input. 

This committee will be chaired by Visit KCK Executive Director, Alan Carr and co-chaired by County Administrator, David Johnston and meets once per month.

The Wyandotte County World Cup Readiness Task Force is seeking community input and workgroup participation as we continue through the planning and preparation phase for the upcoming 2026 World Cup.

Residents and media are encouraged to tune in for Thursday, June 20th meeting at 6:30PM. More information will be shared tonight about the needed community input. 


  • Workgroup Participation:
    We also welcome participation in our workgroups from those that live or work in Wyandotte County. 
    Workgroup Participation Form  

Tune In Tonight:  World Cup Readiness Task Force Meeting Info.