Frequently Asked Questions

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More Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call for questions regarding values or the valuation of residential or commercial real and/or personal property?

Call: Appraiser's Office: (913) 573-8400

How is my property zoned?

Are there any liens, such as the right to take and hold or sell the property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt, against the property?


How do I file a deed?

Can I get a copy of a deed?

I did not receive my tax statement. What do I do?

Can I request taxes from previous years?

If the tax information that you request is from 1989 or before, call: Clerk's Office(913) 573-2874

What is a tax impact notice?

How much are my taxes?

Call: Treasurer's Office(913) 573-2823 for questions relating to real estate, commercial, personal property and vehicle taxes.

Where can I find information about my Delinquent Taxes?

Call: Treasurer's Office:
Delinquent Real Estate Taxes: (913) 573-2823
Delinquent Personal Property Taxes: (913) 573-2817

What do I do if my mortgage company hasn't notified me of my taxes?

I need to change the mortgage company name on my file.

Can I protest my taxes or value by just writing "protest or paid under protest" on my check?

No. The law requires a special form to be filed at the time taxes are paid. This form contains instructions on how to file a valid protest.

How do I get a Payment Under Protest form?

How do I find out about scheduling of Payment Under Protest for Personal Property and for Real Estate?

Once the Appraiser's Office receives a valid protest form, a hearing will be scheduled and the property owner will be notified by mail of the date and time of the hearing. If a protest form is not valid, no hearing can be rescheduled.  Questions? Call: (913) 573-8400

Can you give me information about lot size and acreage for appraisal tax purposes?

Call: Appraiser's Office: (913) 573-8400

Can I get a map of property?

Call: Mapping: (913) 573-2942

I need an address change for my real estate property.

Can I get my property surveyed?

Call a Registered Land Surveyor.

Where do I get a building permit?

I have questions about the Mill Levy and Special Assessments

Who do I contact to change the mailing and/or billing address for real estate?

Can I request information about the Homestead Act?

I have questions regarding Delinquent Properties of three or more years, Seal Bids and K.S.A. 79-2811.

How do I put property in a tax sale?

How do I find out about purchasing delinquent properties?

Who do I contact for Personal Property questions regarding boats, mopeds, non-highway vehicles, mobile homes, or trucks that are registered over 12M and trailers?

Call: Personal Property Division: (913) 573-8400

Who do I call for Commercial Personal Property questions concerning the personal property for business, and trucks and trailers?

Call: Commercial Personal Property: (913) 573-8400