The Unified Government is committed to financial transparency. In this spirit, we've provided videos about our budget data and how to access our open budget website, which you can explore on your own to learn more!

Open Budget Data Tutorials

The portal can be tough for first-time users, so watch these tutorial videos explaining how to use it first. Or watch the videos to learn more about funds, revenues, and expenses for the 2022 Original Budget!








How to use Open Gov



Dotte Talk Videos: Results of 2022 Community Outreach

In 2022, the UG launched an intensive outreach effort that gathered input through multiple channels of community feedback: in-person Dotte Talks, a representative Community Survey, and a Budget Simulator. These videos summarize what we heard from the community about the three most popular topics: Community Services, Public Safety, and Capital and Infrastructure. 

Community Services

Public Safety

Capital and Infrastructure

Video Series on the Difference between City and County Funds 

One of the frequently asked questions we receive at the budget office is what is the difference between the city and the county? Where does the money come from and where does it go? Watch these videos to learn about city and county funds, the revenue sources for each, and what services are provided by both. 

Breakdown of City Funds


City Revenues and Expenses (All Funds)

City Revenues and Expenses for the City General Fund

Breakdown of County Funds

County Revenues and Expenses (All Funds)

County Revenues and Expenses for the County General Fund