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This division consists of two attorneys, a program specialist, and an administrative support specialist. Staff attorneys prosecute violations of Unified Government ordinances in Municipal Court and assist victims of ordinance violations.

Traffic diversions are available to the court on your court date or in the Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesdays, from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM before your court date. Traffic diversions must be paid in full on the day they are done.

Attorneys may be granted a one-time continuance upon entry of appearance through the court administrator at

Prosecutor's Office Staff

Mahmoud Jon Khalil, Prosecutor
Gina Walton, Professional Program Assistant
Amanda Fant, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

Unified Government Marijuana Diversion Program

Marijuana is illegal in the State of Kansas.

If you have been arrested for marijuana possession or paraphernalia, you may have the option to accept the Marijuana Diversion Program as an alternative to a misdemeanor charge and related penalties.

What is required? Defendants are required to watch a video, sign a diversion agreement, and pay a diversion fee of $100 to participate. Defendants can watch the video in-person, through the Prosecutor’s Office, or online prior to signing the agreement. If the defendant watches the video online, they will be required to complete a survey as proof.

How do I get started? Contact the Prosecutor’s Office at (913) 573-5090 about the Marijuana Diversion Program.

What happens after diversion? Upon meeting these requirements, the Municipal Court considers the diversion complete, and no charges will be on the defendant’s record. All persons may receive diversion more than once but not within the same 12-month period.

Without Diversion

1st Offense – Class B Misdemeanor, 6 months in jail, and $1,000 fine.

2nd Offense – Class A Misdemeanor, 1 year in jail, and $2,500 fine.

3rd Offense – Felony, 10–42 months in jail, and $100,000 fine.

With Diversion