Seven Days of Kindness

This year, CEO/Mayor Tyrone A. Garner is convening Unified Government staff in the celebration of Seven Days of Kindness. You too can focus on spreading kindness in a world that seems to need more. Check out the great activities the Unified Government is planning. 

UG Staff: Let us know how you're participating

Today's Activities:

This afternoon, we will be focusing on YOU and encouraging some time for self-care among Unified Government staff. You can register with the Kansas City, Kansas Public Libraries for their Mindfulness and Meditation session, held virtually starting at noon. You can also join us for a 30-minute yoga session at Memorial Hall starting at 12:30PM.

What's Next:

We will be hosting our Unified Government department open house tomorrow, Thursday, April 21 from 11AM-1PM. Check out the following locations:

  • Municipal Building Lobby, 701 N. 7th Street
  • Courthouse - Treasury Lobby, 710 N. 7th Street
  • KCKPD Museum, 700 Minnesota Avenue
  • Elections Office, 850 State Avenue
  • Area Agency on Aging, 849-C N 47th Street
  • Transit, 5033 State Avenue
  • Annex Treasury Lobby, 8200 State Avenue

Get a stamp for each location you visit and learn a bit about OTHER departments across the Unified Government.

Welcome from Mayor Garner


Make a ripple, change the world.

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About Seven Days of Kindness

The SevenDays® experience provides opportunities encouraging all people to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset and behavior. In April 2014, after a white supremacist murdered three Kansas City people because of his hate for Jews, two families and our community joined hands and hearts to shine a light on the darkness of hate.

Workplace kindness (within the community, with colleagues, and with oneself) has proven to elevate dopamine, produces oxytocin, and stimulates the action of the vegus nerve, which all help protect your heart and slow the effects of aging. These effects of kindness help keep your team members healthy, happy, and more productive. 

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