Snow Removal Policies & FAQs

Snow Removal Policies

Snow Removal

For safety, HOT ROUTES (Main Thoroughfares/Emergency Routes/Hills) are the priority/first roads to be cleared. The SECONDARY ROUTES (Collector Routes) are cleared after the Hot Routes with the NEIGHBORHOOD ROUTES cleared generally within (48) hours of the snow event.  If it keeps snowing or snows again after clearing has started, the time frame will shift accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are streets prioritized for cleanup?

  • HOT ROUTES are cleaned first and include arterial streets, major collector streets, and streets with emergency response facilities.
  • SECONDARY ROUTES are next and include subdivision collector streets and streets serving schools.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD ROUTES which includes all other residential streets, are cleaned after HOT and SECONDARY ROUTES.


SnowMap.jpg(PDF, 1MB)
Click on image to download a viewable pdf of the snow routes map

How long does it generally take to address City streets?

Although no snow event is exactly the same, as a rule of thumb, it usually takes:

  • (10 - 12) hours AFTER the snow stops falling to plow and treat HOT ROUTES and SECONDARY ROUTES
  • NEIGHBORHOOD ROUTES generally take (48) hours to plow and treat, assuming no interruptions to move back to HOT ROUTES or SECONDARY ROUTES

How many miles are there in Kansas City, KS to clean?

Over 2,400 lane miles in The City

  • (35)    HOT ROUTES

How are bridges handled?

  • Bridges often become icy before the adjacent streets.
  • There are (49) bridges in Kansas City, KS.
  • When circumstances arise where snow or ice is imminent, but not to be preceded by rain, bridges will be pre-treated with salt to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the surface.

State Highway Snow Removal

Snow removal of state highways is provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The following streets in Kansas City, KS are state highways maintained by KDOT:

  • 18th Street from Pacific Ave south to the Johnson County line;
  • K-32 from 65th St west to the Edwardsville city limit;
  • K-5 from Hutton Rd north to the Leavenworth County line;
  • K-7 from Bonner Springs city limit north to Leavenworth County

How do cars parked on the street impact operations?


It is dangerous and difficult to plow streets clogged with parked vehicles. To ensure snow removal from streets, the most helpful thing residents can do is to get their cars off the street.

How should I shovel snow from my driveway?

To minimize snow being plowed back onto cleaned driveways, property owners should pile snow from their driveways on the right side facing the street, in lieu of placing it on both sides at the end of the driveways.

Snow Driveway

What happens if my property is damaged?

Please make sure your mailboxes are properly installed and maintained to ensure stability. Even at low speeds, snow being pushed to the side by plows can push over mailboxes that are not properly installed or maintained.

In the event of damage to private property during snow removal efforts, the property owner shall file a claim with the City’s Legal Department: Call (913) 573-5060.

The damage will then be investigated to determine if any damage is the responsibility of the City.

Street Crews & Driver Safety

  • Trucks are plowing snow and spreading salt/sand. Stay back from the plows at least (6) car lengths to avoid problems.
  • Please do not pull directly behind slow plows. If you cannot see the driver, the driver cannot see you.
  • Plow trucks generally push snow to the passenger side of the truck (right side when looking from the rear). Never attempt to pass a truck on the right side since there can be much more snow on that side of the vehicle.
  • When cleaning driveways or parking lots, do not push snow into the street. This can cause hazardous conditions for other motorists.
  • Avoid building snow structures such as forts or igloos near the street that plows may cover over resulting in possible injury to children playing nearby.

How to report snow issues?

Call Dispatch: (913) 573-8307

Is there a snow removal policy?

Yes. Public Works has a policy for snow and ice removal in Kansas City, Kansas: Snow & Ice Control Policies & Procedures.(PDF, 244KB)