KCKFD Shares Important Fireworks Safety Tips

Published on July 01, 2024


The Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department shares these hot tips for fireworks safety this Fourth of July. Residents are reminded that commercial-grade fireworks are permitted in the City of Kansas City, Kansas from July 2 to July 4, 2024, from the hours of 9AM to 11PM. It is illegal to shoot from, on, or under a vehicle whether it is moving or parked; throw or place any fireworks in any gathering of persons; shoot fireworks on any public roadway, alley, or sidewalk; within 150 feet of a fireworks stand, within 100 feet of a gas station, or within 1000 feet of a hospital or home for the aged; and it is illegal to ignite or discharge any fireworks in any building.

Bottle rockets, missile-type rockets (with guidance fins) and sky lanterns are illegal in Kansas City, Kansas.

Safety First!

Please help prevent injuries or property damage by following these safety tips.

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Discharging of Fireworks

  • Purchase fireworks from licensed merchants, never discharge homemade or illegal fireworks.
  • Have a responsible adult in charge and never give fireworks to children.
  • Always read and follow label instructions for the safe discharge of fireworks.
  • Prepare a safe environment outdoors for the shooting off of fireworks by selecting an area clear of other fireworks, combustible materials (dried wood, grass, or structures) and cut the grass low in the areas will fireworks will be discharged.
  • Have water readily available such as garden hose, bucket or portable pump sprayer should a grass fire ignite. Never try to extinguish ‘live’ fireworks that are on fire; back away quickly and call the Fire Department.
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket.
  • When lighting fireworks, never position any part of your body over the fireworks.  Do not shoot/point fireworks at people or animals.
  • Light fireworks one at a time.
  • Never shoot fireworks in or from metal or glass containers.

Disposal of Fireworks

  • Dispose of fireworks debris in a non-combustible container.
  • DO NOT place fireworks debris near or in a structure or vehicle. Soak the debris with water and leave it curbside.
  • When a firework fails to go off, wait 20 minutes to approach the ‘dud’ and soak it with water.

Watch and Enjoy

It is always safest to leave the fireworks to the professionals! Here are some local firework displays in Wyandotte County.

Friday, July 12 at Pierson Park (1800 S. 55th Street)
Pierson Park Fireworks Graphic 2024

Wishing you a very happy, safe Fourth of July!

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