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Date/Time Title/Description Location
1/12/18 8:30AM DA Appearance Youth Workshop: View Image(JPG, 234KB)

DA Dupree gave the keynote address at the MLK Youth Workshop, giving them a strong message of being the best person they can possibly be.
Kauffman Center
2/6/18 8:00AM Career Jumping at Central Middle School: View Image(JPG, 337KB)

ADA Adam Sokoloff talked to the students at Central Middle School about his career as an attorney as a part of Career Day.
Central Middle School
2/6/18 12:00PM Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence Awards: View Image(JPG, 57KB)

District Attorney Dupree received the coalition’s Community-Based Ally of the Year Award for his efforts in fighting abuse and assisting victims of abuse.
Topeka, KS
2/12/18 9:00AM Chief DDA Mitchell at KCKCC: View Image(JPG, 179KB)

Chief Deputy District Attorney Damon Mitchell addresses a Criminal Justice Class at Kansas City, KS Community College about the rule of law and the role of prosecutors in law enforcement.
KCK Community College
2/15/18 1:00PM DA Dupree w/Legislators in Topeka, KS: View Image(JPG, 297KB)

DA Dupree addressed Kansas Lawmakers about the importance of mandatory reporters amongst professions that deal with children.
Topeka, KS
2/16/18 DA Dupree w/ Edwardsville City Manager & Mayor: View Image(JPG, 175KB)

DA Dupree meeting with Edwardsville Mayor John McTaggart and City Manager Michael Webb to discuss DA Office happenings.
Edwardsville, KS
2/16/18 10:00AM Adventures in Learning: View Image(JPG, 286KB)

DA Dupree addressed the members of Adventures in Learning with updates on the latest happening in the DA's Office.
Grace Lutheran Church
2/16/18 6:00PM KBA Court Appreciation Dinner: View Image(PNG, 234KB)

District Attorney Mark Dupree and his wife, Attorney Shanelle Dupree, joined other Kansas Bar Association members in recognizing court personnel for their continued hard work and dedication to their professions.
Topeka Country Club
2/17/18 6:00PM Sunflower House Gala: View Image(JPG, 183KB)

District Attorney Mark Dupree, Chief Deputy District Attorney Damon Mitchell, Deputy District Attorney Crystalyn Oswald, and spouses at the 2018 Sunflower House Gala at the Overland Park Convention Center.
Overland Park Convention Center
2/25/18 3:30PM Friends of Yates Room Dedication: View Image(JPG, 57KB)

DA Dupree and wife Shanelle with Friends of Yates founder LaDorra Lattimore at the organization’s room dedication ceremony. The Dupree’s had a room named after them for their years of commitment to the community and the Friends of Yates mission.
Friends of Yates, Inc.
3/2/18 9:00AM DA Dupree at Read Across America: View Image(JPG, 353KB)

DA Dupree read to the children at Children's campus of Kansas City for Read Across America Day.
Children's Campus of Kansas City
3/7/18 8:15AM Career Jumping at Northwest Middle School:

Deputy District Attorney Crystalyn Oswald with Northwest Middle School’s Career Day students.
Northwest Middle School
3/17/18 1:00PM Black Achiever Youth Workshop: View Image(JPG, 93KB)

DA Dupree giving the keynote speech at the Black Achiever Workshop at Ebenezer Baptist Church, in KCMO.
Ebenezer Baptist Church, KCMO
3/27/18 7:00PM Kensington Neighborhood Group Meeting: View Image(JPG, 142KB)

DA Dupree visited the Kensington Neighborhood Group to give an update on the DA's Office.
3333 Wood Avenue, KCK
3/28/18 Piper HS Student Council Breakfast: View Image(JPG, 80KB)

DA Dupree spending the morning with students at the Piper HS Student Council Breakfast.
Piper HS, KCK
3/29/18 DA Dupree on Entercom Radio: View Image(JPG, 116KB)

DA Dupree with Entercom Radio's Allene Martin to discuss Sexual Assault & Awareness Month.
Entercom Radio 5000Squibb Rd.
3/29/18 7:00AM DA Dupree Selling Newspapers to help Children to Camp: View Image(JPG, 148KB)

DA Dupree, along with several assistant district attorneys, selling a special edition of the KC Star. The proceeds go to sending children with disabilities to camp and ensuring they have a full, meaningful and fun camping experience.
Kansas City, KS
4/2/18 12:00PM DA Dupree with the Edwardsville PD: View Image(JPG, 157KB)

As part of DA Law Enforcement Appreciation Week, DA Dupree visited the Edwardsville Police Department.
Edwardsville, KS
4/2/18 6:00PM KCKPD Citizen's Academy: View Image(JPG, 109KB)

District Attorney Dupree and Deputy District Attorney Karen Wittman explained the role of the district attorney's office in the legal process as it pertains to law enforcement.
KCKPD Training Academy
4/3/18 DA Dupree with Bonner Springs Police Department: View Image(JPG, 236KB)

DA Dupree visits the Bonner Springs Police Department as a part of DA Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.
Bonner Springs, KS
4/3/18 6:00PM Schlagle HS Honor Society Induction:

DA Dupree at the Schlagle HS National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, where he gave the keynote address.
Schlagle High School
4/3/18 6:00PM DA Dupree at FL Schlagle HS Nat'l Honor Society Induction: View Image(PNG, 596KB)

DA Dupree at the FL Schlagle High School Induction Ceremony, where he gave the keynote speech.
FL Schlagle HS
4/4/18 12:00PM DA Dupree w/University of Kansas Medical Center PD: View Image(JPG, 143KB)

DA Dupree with the University of Kansas Medical Center as part of DA Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.
University of Kansas Med Center
4/5/18 12:00PM DA Dupree with KCKPS PD: View Image(JPG, 147KB)

DA Dupree with the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office as a part of DA Law Enforcement Week.
Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office
4/7/18 9:00AM 2018 MS Walk: View Image(PNG, 698KB)

DA Dupree at the 2018 MS Walk, where he gave the opening remarks and started the walk/run with a countdown.
Kansas Speedway
4/9/18 DA Dupree with the KCKPD: View Image(JPG, 127KB)

DA Dupree with the KCKPD as a part of DA Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.
KCKPD Headquarters
4/9/18 Arrowhead Middle School Mock Trial: View Image(JPG, 196KB)

ADA Adam Sokoloff takes the students through the paces of a mock trial after reading the book "Monster".
Arrowhead Middle School
4/10/18 8:00AM Career Jumping at Coronado Middle School: View Image(PNG, 638KB)

ADA Bryanna Hanschu representing the DA's Office at Coronado Middle School's Career Jumping Day.
Coronado Middle School
4/13/18 11:00AM DA Interview with KSHB: View Image(JPG, 503KB)

DA Dupree interviewed by KSHB's Kevin Holmes about his vision for the DA's Office and a look at the journey to his position, starting in his boyhood neighborhood.
Kansas City, KS
4/14/18 8:30AM Harvester's International Volunteering: View Image(JPG, 77KB)

ADA's James Bain and Garret Relph spend the morning volunteering at Harvester's International with the Wyandotte County Bar Association.
Harvester's International, KCMO
4/18/18 11:00AM Freshmen Business Luncheon: View Image(JPG, 222KB)

DA Dupree at Washington HS for the Freshmen Business Luncheon, where he was paired with students who have an interest in the law as a career.
Washington High School
4/24/18 2:30PM Career on Wheels: View Image(JPG, 147KB)

DA Dupree participated in Lindbergh Elementary School's Career on Wheels program, showing young students' different careers in which to aspire.
Lindbergh Elementary School
4/24/18 7:00PM Stony Point Neighborhood Group Meeting: View Image(JPG, 123KB)

DA Dupree addressed the members of the Stony Point Neighborhood group, updating them on the DA Office's goals for 2018 and what the office has accomplished, so far.
Stony Point Baptist Church
4/25/18 8:30AM Ware Elementary Career Day: View Image(JPG, 144KB)

DA Dupree at Eugene Ware Elementary School's Career Day, where he talked about becoming an attorney and the importance of making the right choices in life.
Eugene Ware Elementary
4/25/18 9:00AM Career Day at Banneker Elementary: View Image(PNG, 997KB)

DA Dupree at Benjamin Banneker Elementary's Career Day, where he talked to students about his job and what it takes to become a lawyer.
Benjamin Banneker Elementary
4/26/18 Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office Academy Graduation: View Image(JPG, 125KB)

DA Dupree and Chief Deputy Mitchell attend the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office's Academy graduation.
Unified Government Council Chambers
4/26/18 9:00AM Banneker Elementary Career Day: View Image(PNG, 997KB)

DA Dupree participated in Benjamin Banneker Elementary's Career Day, where he talked about his profession and what it takes to become an attorney.
Benjamin Banneker Elementary
4/26/18 11:00AM MOCSA Community Luncheon: View Image(JPG, 139KB)

Chief Deputy Damon Mitchell and members of the Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office attended the 2018 Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA) Community Luncheon.
Muehlebach Hotel, KCMO
4/26/18 6:00PM WYCO Sheriff's Office Academy Graduation: View Image(JPG, 125KB)

DA Dupree and Chief DDA Mitchell attend the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office Academy graduation.
Unified Government Council Chambers
4/27/18 11:30AM Conversation Peace: View Image(JPG, 124KB)

DA Dupree joined the students of Conversation Peace to encourage them to stay on the right path in life. The students are from several high schools in Lawrence, KS.
Arthur Bryant's BBQ
4/27/18 1:00PM Oak Grove Elementary Career Fair: View Image(JPG, 84KB)

ADA Sheri Courtney participates in Oak Grove Elementary School Career fair, where she talked to several students about her profession, encouraged them to stay focused in school and what it takes to become an attorney.
Oak Grove Elementary
4/27/18 2:30PM Conversation Peace: View Image(JPG, 124KB)

DA Dupree addressed the members of the youth group "Conversation Peace", relaying moments of his life that led to him becoming an attorney and, ultimately, Wyandotte County District Attorney. The students are from several Lawrence, KS high schools.
Arthur Bryant's BBQ
5/3/18 12:00PM DA Dupree with the KCKCC PD: View Image(JPG, 97KB)

DA Dupree with the KCKCC PD as a part of DA Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.
Kansas City, KS Community College
5/3/18 6:00PM Everyday Heroes Celebration: View Image(JPG, 71KB)

DA Dupree at the Everyday Heroes Ceremony and Ad Hoc Against Crime founder Alvin Brooks' birthday celebration.
Muehlebach Hotel, KCMO
5/4/18 1:00PM Wyandotte HS Decision Day: View Image(JPG, 177KB)

DA Dupree Wyandotte High School's important Decision Day, where senior students announce their post-graduation plans.
Wyandotte HS
5/7/18 5:00PM FL Schlagle HS Job Fair: View Image(JPG, 62KB)

DA Dupree at the FL Schlagle HS Job Fair. The event was organized by students as part of a community outreach.
FL Schlagle HS
5/15/18 7:00PM Wyandotte HS Baccalaureate: View Image(JPG, 147KB)

DA Dupree at the Wyandotte HS Baccalaureate ceremony, at First Baptist Church of Kansas City, where gave the keynote address.
First Baptist Church of Kansas City
5/18/18 9:00AM Kansas Assisted Outpatient Treatment Symposium: View Image(JPG, 38KB)

Assistant District Attorneys Chris Schneider and Kayla Roehler participated in a panel discussion highlighting how the legal, law enforcement, and mental health community partners in Wyandotte County have come together to assist those suffering from mental illness in the community.
Topeka, KS
5/22/18 6:30PM KC Mothers in Charge Criminal Justice Panel: View Image(JPG, 131KB)

DA Dupree took part in a KC Mothers in Charge panel on the criminal justice system, discussing real solutions for making that system better.
World War One Museum, KCMO
5/24/18 6:00PM El Centro Academy Graduation: View Image(JPG, 188KB)

DA Dupree with the kindergarten graduates of El Centro Academy.
El Centro Academy
5/26/18 1:00PM Coronado Hills Neighborhood Group Meeting: View Image(JPG, 222KB)
DA Dupree addressing the Coronado Hills Neighborhood Group about the current events related to the District Attorney's Office, including important items like the Conviction Integrity Unit.
Neighborhood Resource Center
5/29/18 8:00AM Law Enforcement Torch Run: View Image(JPG, 336KB)

DA Mark Dupree leads the way, carrying the Torch for the Law Enforcement Torch Run which benefits the Special Olympics.
Olathe, KS and KCK
5/30/18 8:00AM KCKPS Mandatory Reporters Meeting: View Image(JPG, 145KB)

DA Dupree and DDA Crystalyn Oswald at the KCKPS Mandatory Reporters meeting for principals and vice principals in the USD 500.
KCKPS Central Office
6/2/18 6:00PM Croatian Day Picnic: View Image(JPG, 97KB)

DA Dupree enjoys the day at St. John the Baptist Church's annual Croatian Day Picnic.
St. John the Baptist Church
6/5/18 11:30AM State of Unified Government Address: View Image(JPG, 109KB)

DA Dupree at the State of the 2018 Unified Government Address by Mayor David Alvey, Mr. Dupree gave the Invocation.
Jack Reardon Convention Center
6/9/18 11:30AM Neighbors Who Care BBQ: View Image(JPG, 159KB)

DA Dupree at the Annual Neighbors Who Care BBQ.
2105 N. 47th St.
6/9/18 2:15PM Miracle Temple COGIC Health Fair: View Image(JPG, 132KB)

DA Dupree at the Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ for their county-wide health fair.
Miracle Temple COGIC
6/11/18 6:30PM Neighbors Who Care Neighborhood Meeting: View Image(JPG, 97KB)

DA Dupree at the Neighbors Who Care monthly meeting, where he updated members on the most recent happenings in the DA's Office.
Neighborhood Resource Center
6/25/18 6:30PM Community Liaison Board Meeting: View Image(JPG, 106KB)

DA Dupree discusses a number of topics with board members at the second Community Liaison Board Meeting, including engaging youth to give them positive options in life. District Attorney Dupree and Deputy District Attorney Karen Wittman explained the role of the district attorney's office in the legal process.
District Attorney's Office
7/3/18 10:00AM KCK Summer Cadet Outreach Program: View Image(JPG, 262KB)

DA Dupree and other office staff addressed the members of the KCKPD's Summer Cadet Outreach Program. The cadets not only learn about law enforcement but perform community service projects on the weekends.
District Attorney's Office
7/9/18 6:00PM Bonner Springs City Council Meeting: View Image(JPG, 218KB)

DA Dupree at the Bonner Springs City Council meeting, where he addressed members on the latest crime statistics relating to their city. He also discussed the Conviction Integrity Unit and other office accomplishments. He discussed office accomplishments and 2018/19 goals.
Bonner Springs
7/16/18 10:00AM KCKPS Presentation: View Image(JPG, 176KB)

KCKPS Community Engagement Coordinator Karlean Kramer addresses the DA Office staff on the USD 500 Community Academy, where residents can learn about the school district, in depth.
District Attorney's Office
7/16/18 6:00PM Turner Community Connection: View Image(JPG, 174KB)

DA Dupree addressed the Turner Community Connection, presenting a PowerPoint presentation on the Conviction Integrity Unit and other office accomplishments and goals.
Bristol Hill United Methodist Church
7/17/18 7:00PM Wyandotte Countians Against Crime Presentation: View Image(JPG, 146KB)

DA Dupree addresses the Wyandotte Countians Against Crime Neighborhood Group. Mr. Dupree highlighted his talk with a presentation on the Conviction Integrity Unit.
1916 Central Ave, KCK
7/23/18 2:00PM CABA Summer Mentoring Program: View Image(JPG, 270KB)

The WyCo District Attorney's Office hosted the Central Avenue Betterment Association's Summer Mentoring Program by putting on a mock trial, allowing them the opportunity to experience the courtroom and legal profession.
Wyandotte County Courthouse
TSD Mandatory Reporter Presentation: View Image(JPG, 137KB)

DA Dupree and DDA Crystalyn Oswald at the Turner School District Mandatory Reporters Presentation.
Turner School District
MADE MEN Grand Opening: View Image(JPG, 177KB)

DA Dupree and MADE MEN Founder Nelson Gabriel at the organization's grand opening.
852 Minnesota Avenue
Learn2Earn: View Image(JPG, 164KB)

Deputy District Attorney Mitchell joins USD 500: students with Historic Northeast Mid-Town Association's Learn2Earn program.
WyCo District Attorney's Office
National Night Out Against Crime: View Image(JPG, 230KB)

Deputy District Attorney Mitchell at the KCK National Night Out Against Crime.
Army National Guard Armory
2018 KCKPS/BOE Convocation: View Image(JPG, 138KB)

Deputy District Attorney Mitchell with new KCKPS Superintendent Charles Foust at the 2018 KCKPS/BOE Convocation before the new school year.
Memorial Hall
Wyandotte H.S. Career Panel: View Image(JPG, 322KB)

Assistant District Attorney Njeri Mwangi joined military and teaching professionals on a career panel for incoming freshmen at Wyandotte High School.
Wyandotte High School
IAPBFF Back-to School Parade: View Image(JPG, 386KB)

DA Dupree at the 21st Annual International Association of Professional Black Fire Fighters Back to School Parade.
Parkwood Park
Argentine Music Festival: View Image(JPG, 349KB)

DA Dupree at the 2018 Argentine Music Festival with awesome residents and national recording artists.
Emerson Park
2018 Friendship Baptist Church Men's Conference: View Image(JPG, 318KB)

DA Dupree was a featured speaker for the youth program of the 2018 Men's Conference at Friendship Baptist Church.
Friendship Baptist Church
2018 Croatian Festival: View Image(JPG, 358KB)

DA Dupree at the 2018 Croatian Festival...great food and great people.
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
USD 500 Mandatory Reporters Presentation: View Image(JPG, 244KB)

DA Dupree and DDA Crystalyn Oswald at the USD 500 Nurses Mandatory Reporters Presentation.
KCKPS Central Office
KCKFD Swearing-In: View Image(JPG, 222KB)

DA Dupree at the swearing-in ceremony for new KCKFD Chief Mike Callahan.
KCKFD Headquarters
Schlagle HS Senior Project: View Image(JPG, 253KB)

ADA Adam Sokoloff with Schlagle HS Students discussing their community-based senior project.
KCKPS Central Office
Prep-KC Career Jumping: View Image(JPG, 253KB)
ADA Nicholas Campbell joins the students of Northwest Middle School for Prep-KC Career Jumping.
Northwest Middle School
Criminal Justice Reform Panel Discussion: View Image(JPG, 224KB)

DA Dupree joined other professionals discussing Criminal Justice Reform and Smart Prosecution on a panel hosted by the Kansas City Alumnae Chater of Delta Sigma Theta.
Kansas City, MO
Hilltop Neighborhood Group: View Image(JPG, 269KB)

DA Dupree visited the Hilltop Neighborhood Group to give them an update on the office and answer questions from residents.
Rosedale Leadership Council Building
Leavenworth Road Association: View Image(JPG, 284KB)

DA Dupree addressed the Leavenworth Road Association to explain the Conviction Integrity Unit and other office happenings.
Eisenhower Recreation Center
KCK NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet: View Image(JPG, 87KB)

The 2018 KCK NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet, where DA Dupree was honored with the Mary Ann Flunder Award for Community Advocacy.
Reardon Convention Center
Sunflower House Circle of Safety Breakfast: View Image(JPG, 266KB)

The WyCo DA's Office attended the 2018 Sunflower House Circle of Safety Breakfast. DA Dupree served as Master of Ceremonies.
Overland Park, KS
KCPT "Ruckus" Show: View Image(JPG, 196KB)

DA Dupree appeared on KCPT's "Ruckus" show, hosted by Mike Shanin. He discussed the Conviction Integrity Unit.
KCPT Kansas City, Missouri
Back the Blue 5K: View Image(JPG, 311KB)

DA Dupree and ADA Kayla Roehler ran in support of the "Back the Blue 5K", in Bonner Springs.
Bonner Springs, KS
Strawberry Hill Blocktober Fest: View Image(JPG, 341KB)

DA Dupree at the Strawberry Hill "Blocktober Fest", supporting local businesses and the celebrating the historic neighborhood.
Kansas City, KS
JCNAACP Freedom Fund Banquest: View Image(JPG, 264KB)

DA Dupree at the 55th Annual Johnson County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet.
Overland Park, KS
Sunflower House Happy Bear Golf Tourney: View Image(JPG, 398KB)

The Wyandotte County DA's Office participated in the Sunflower House Happy Bear Golf Tourney Fundraiser to benefit the
Kansas City, Kansas
Frontier Forensic Midwest Seminar: View Image(JPG, 253KB)

DA Dupree and members of the Wyandotte County DA's Office attended the Frontier Forensic Midwest Seminar.
Kansas City, Kansas
Cathedral Neighborhood Group Meeting: View Image(JPG, 468KB)

DA Dupree attended the monthly Cathedral Neighborhood Group meeting to update members on the office, the Conviction Integrity Unit and the BOLDD program.
Kansas City, Kansas
Kit Carson Scholarship Banquet: View Image(JPG, 271KB)

The Wyandotte County DA's Office attended the Kit Carson Scholarship Banquet presented by the Jackson County Bar Association.
Kansas City, Missouri
Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon: View Image(JPG, 244KB)

DA Dupree attended the KC Metro Crime Commission's Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon
Kansas City, Missouri
International Day of the Girl: View Image(JPG, 305KB)

DA Dupree opened the festivities at Young Women on the Move's 6th annual celebration of the International Day of the Girl, at Kansas City, Kansas Community College. The day is to inspire and empower young girls to be all they aspire to be in life.
Kansas City, Kansas
KC-Prep Career Day: View Image(JPG, 126KB)

Assistant District Attorney Maurice Brewer discussed the legal profession with students at Basehor-Linwood Middle School's Career Day.
Basehor. Kansas
KC-Prep Career Day: View Image(JPG, 108KB)

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Penland participated in Argentine Middle School's Career Day, talking to students who not only an interest in the law as a career, but other professions, as well.
Kansa City, Kansas
Friends of Yates Domestic Violence Awareness Luncheon: View Image(JPG, 125KB)

DA Dupree and others received awards in recognition of their efforts to combat domestic violence in our community.
Kansas City, Kansas
Pro Bono Celebration: View Image(JPG, 85KB)
DA Dupree attended the Kansas and Missouri Appleseed Pro Bono Celebration Breakfast, where the Honorable Judge Julie Robinson was the keynote speaker.
Kansas City, Missouri
Donations to Friends of Yates, Inc.: View Image(JPG, 99KB)

DA Dupree and Chief Deputy Damon Mitchell award Ms. LaDora Lattimore with donations collected on behalf of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. People donated and wore pins saying, "Love Shouldn't Hurt".
Kansas City, Kansas
Schlagle High School Student Project: View Image(JPG, 117KB)

DA Dupree met with Schlagle High School students to discuss their project in conjunction with Sunflower House. Mr. Dupree discussed the law on a variety of topics to aid them in their efforts to present a comprehensive project as a class.
Kansas City, Kansas
Allies for Justice: View Image(JPG, 190KB)

DA Dupree joined Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker and Johnson County DA Steve Howe for a panel discussion on criminal justice reform.
Kansas City, Missouri
Mayor's Prayer Breakfast: View Image(JPG, 175KB)

DA Dupree attended the annual Mayor's Prayor Breakfast, where Monsignor Stuart Swetland gave the keynote address.
Kansas City, Kansas
Career Speakers: View Image(JPG, 186KB)

Assistant District Attorney Antwone Floyd represented the DA's Office at West Middle School and Prep-KC's Career Speakers program, where he talked to 8th graders about his career.
Kansas City, Kansas
Veterans Day Ceremony: View Image(JPG, 164KB)

Chief Deputy District Attorney and U.S. Air Force Veteran Damon Mitchell attended the Salvation Army's Veterans Day Commemoration Ceremony honoring all military veterans in Wyandotte County.

Kensington NHG Thanksgiving Dinner: View Image(JPG, 196KB)

DA Dupree was a guest at the Kensington Neighborhood Group's annual Thanksgiving dinner, recognizing those individuals who came to speak to their group during the year.
Kansas City, Kansas
District 4 Community Forum: View Image(JPG, 141KB)
DA Dupree attended the District 4 Community Forum convened by Commissioner Harold Johnson. Mr. Dupree updated attendees on the office happenings.
Kansas City, Kansas
Career Speakers: View Image(JPG, 221KB)

ADA Maurice Brewer talked to 8th Graders at Central Middle School about his career and answered question from students. The event was a part of KC-Prep's Career Speakers program.
Kansas City, Kansas
Celebrity Servers: View Image(JPG, 152KB)

DA Dupree participated in the Kansas Children's Service League Red Stocking Breakfast Fundraiser by being a celebrity server along with other local leaders.
Overland Park, Kansas
Unity Ball: View Image(JPG, 170KB)

DA Dupree and Chief Deputy DA Damon Mitchell attended the KC Redemption Unity Ball. The organization's ball is a fundraiser in their efforts to aid individuals obtaining their CDL Licenses.
Kansas City, Missouri
Heroes and Helpers: View Image(JPG, 200KB)

The Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office joined the WyCo Sheriff's Office in their annual Heroes and helpers program pairing Deputies, Attorneys and Victim Advocates with children on a shopping excursion at a local retail outlet.
Kansas City, Kansas
Talk with Students: View Image(JPG, 199KB)

DA Dupree met with young scholars from Compass Elementary to discuss the importance of goal setting in reaching their life's dreams, professionally and personally.
Kansas City, Missouri
KCK Chamber of Commerce: View Image(JPG, 130KB)

DA Dupree at the KCK Chamber of Commerce Political Forum with Congresswoman Sharice Davids.
Kansas City, Kansas
Justice Sunday Award Ceremony: View Image(JPG, 108KB)

DA Dupree receives the Rev. James Harris Dedication/Determination Award as a part of the WyCo DA Office community outreach.
Kansas City, Kansas
Olathe Human Relations Council MLK Program: View Image(JPG, 63KB)

DA Dupree was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Olathe Human Relations Council Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ceremony.
Olathe, Kansas
Unified Government MLK Program: View Image(JPG, 154KB)

DA Dupree at the 2019 Unified Government Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ceremony.
Kansas City, Kansas
Johnson County NAACP MLK Ceremony: View Image(JPG, 64KB)

DA Dupree received the Diversity Advocate in Law Enforcement Award at the 2019 Johnson County NAACP Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ceremony
Olathe, Kansas
National District Attorneys Association Conference: View Image(JPG, 125KB)

DA Dupree joined other district attorneys from around the state in Kansas in Washington, D.C., for the NDAA.
Washington, D.C.
Mock Trial at Clark Middle School: View Image(JPG, 119KB)

Assistant District Attorney Antwone Floyd assists Clark Middle School students with a mock trial as a part of the WyCo DA Office student outreach program.
Bonner Springs, Kansas
Teamsters Hispanic Caucus of KC and Vicinity Valentine's Day Fundraiser: View Image(JPG, 107KB)

DA Dupree attended the Teamsters Hispanic Caucus of KC and Vicinity Valentine's Day Fundraiser.
Kansas City, Kansas
Sunflower House Gala: View Image(JPG, 68KB)

At the 2019 Sunflower House Gala Fundraiser.
Overland Park, Kansas
Welborn Lake Neighborhood Group Meeting: View Image(JPG, 76KB)

DA was the invited guest to their monthly meeting, giving members an update on the office.
Kansas City, Kansas
National Day of Empathy: View Image(JPG, 83KB)

DA Dupree was an attendee to the National Day of Empathy Forum, discussing Expungement and reintegrating formerly incarcerated individuals back into society.
Kansas City, Kansas
BOLDD Presentation: View Image(JPG, 109KB)

DA Dupree debuted his BOLDD Mentoring Program to students at Sumner Academy.
Kansas City, Kansas
Leavenworth Road Association Meeting: View Image(JPG, 82KB)

DA Dupree attended the monthly meeting of the neighborhood Group, updating them on the latest happenings in the office.
Kansas City, Kansas
Donnelly College Informational Breakfast: View Image(JPG, 82KB)

DA Dupree attended the event, hosted by school president Monsignor Stuart Swetland. The focus of the meeting was to update attendees on the progress of the school's Master Plan.
Kansas City, Kansas
4/3/19 District Attorney Annual Community Report

District Attorney Annual Community Report 2019(PDF, 138MB)