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3-1-1 Call Center Expanded to Provide 24/7 Service

The Unified Government’s 3-1-1 Call Center now offers 24/7 service to customers. The expansion comes in response to feedback received in the most recent county-wide customer service satisfaction survey and temporary changes to city services caused by COVID-19.

The Unified Government has contracted with Daupler, a Kansas City-based company, to receive calls after normal business hours. Residents and businesses can expect their after-hours calls to be answered quickly by professional staff. Call takers have been trained to provide information about city services, take messages for Treasury & Court staff, and dispatch personnel for Public Works emergencies. To initiate an online request, complete the form below.

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The 3-1-1 Contact Center provides residents with a single point of contact via the telephone, Web, mobile app, or email. 3-1-1 diverts non-emergency calls from the 9-1-1 emergency call center, improves the UG’s customer service capabilities, and provides data for supporting and improving operations across the organization. 3-1-1 employees provide a wide range of information and services, helping residents navigate local government, find quick answers to common questions, and connect to community resources.

We are proactively making every effort to meet the new expectations from constituents by providing simple and easy three-digit access for general questions. Call 311 or (913) 573-5311 if you’re outside of the county to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable call representative.


  • In 2016, the 3-1-1 Contact Center handled over 91,000 calls from residents
  • During storms in June of 2017, 311 handled over 900 requests for debris removal, accelerating community cleanup efforts
  • 3-1-1 initiated a quarterly user-group meeting that brings together departments to identify opportunities to coordinate service across departments and utilize 3-1-1 more effectively

Important Issues

  • Work is underway to configure a ‘closed-loop’ system allowing 3-1-1 to pass resident requests and work orders directly to Public Works and the Neighborhood Resource Center. This effort will improve resident satisfaction by increasing communications and allowing for the tracking of requests from submission to completion.
  • 3-1-1 is expanding its function as a data source for UG departments and is engaged in a customer service initiative with Municipal Court, which constitutes 40 % of 3-1-1 calls.


  • 3-1-1 is developing a mobile application allowing residents to submit and track requests through a mobile device.
  • Moving the 3-1-1 system to the cloud, allowing for easier integration with other systems, and the ability to staff 3-1-1 from other locations in an emergency.
  • Integration will allow CRM to serve as a central data repository to analyze trends in service requests, timeliness, and effectiveness of service delivery.
  • Citizen’s Web-Portal provides information directly to our CSR’s, revised data entry forms to accurately capture performance metrics, and a future Mobile App projected for launch by October 2017.
  • 3-1-1 is expanding its reporting to provide regular updates to departments on the number and type of service requests and the timeliness in closing requests.


Supporting the Commission’s Goal of Improving Customer Service and Communication through a 3-1-1 Contact Center that provides exceptional customer service to residents and timely information to UG departments.