Law Enforcement Advisory Board

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The Unified Government (UG) created the Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) in June 2006 by ordinance O-62-06. The LEAB also acts as the Community Advisory Board in compliance with Kansas Statute K.S.A. 22-4610 prohibiting racial or biased-based policing. Each UG Commissioner appoints a single member. The mayor appoints one member. The Wyandotte County Sheriff appoints three members.


The board’s duties are outlined by ordinance and Kansas statute. By ordinance, LEAB duties include advising the UG Commission, County Administrator, Sheriff, and Chief of Police on existing and potential law enforcement problems in Wyandotte County. The ordinance also directs the LEAB to act as an informational liaison between law enforcement and the community. By statute, the board is directed to:

“Advise and assist in policy development, education, and community outreach and communications related to racial or other biased-based policing by law enforcement officers and agencies.”



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