County Administrator Launches UG STAT

Published on March 15, 2024

UGStat_March 2024 cover_Page_1.jpg

Today, the County Administrator, David W. Johnston, issued the first UG STAT report. This is a new monthly reporting process to help educate and inform our elected officials, community and organization on our various department activities and progress.

Every month, we will rotate which departments will be sharing updates. This will give our elected officials and community a deeper look into how our organization is operating and meeting the goals established for us through public policy and the 2024 adopted budget. This report is organized along the four 2024 UG Commission Priorities although several updates could fall under more than one priority.

2024 Commission Priorities.png

This month, we're kicking off UG STAT featuring departments that typically provide updates to the Economic Development & Finance Standing Committee, Neighborhood & Community Development Standing Committee, and/or Administration (& Human Services) Standing Committee. We have split the Administration & Human Services Committee reporting to better balance UG STAT each month.

In April 2024, stay tuned for more updates from departments that would otherwise share their quarterly or annual progress with the Public Works & Safety Standing Committee or (Administration &) Human Services Standing Committee.

We have also included an at-a-glance calendar at the end of this document. More detailed information is available on our calendar but this should give you a sense of the depth and breadth of activities, programs, and meetings facilitated by the UG and our staff this month and next.

UG STAT is among the many changes you can anticipate in the coming years as we have launched a deep dive into our operations. We are looking for new ways to operate, improve customer services and community outcomes, and embrace the inevitable change needed to best serve our community. 

March 2024 UG STAT(PDF, 6MB)