KCK Animal Services Participates in Metro-wide Spay & Neuter Clinic

Published on November 15, 2023

KCK Animal Services Hosted First Free Spay/Neuter Event November 12 as Part of KC Metro-wide Effort
Kansas City Kansas Animal Services (KCKAS) recently made history by holding its first free spay/neuter event on Sunday, November 12, 2023 for Wyandotte County pet owners.

KCKAS is part of a Kansas City Metro-wide campaign sponsored by the Spay/Neuter Collaborative of Kansas City (SNCKC) as part of a collaborative effort to tackle the crisis of pet overpopulation in Kansas City by alleviating the stress that can come with spay and neuter surgery costs. Heartworm preventatives and discounted rabies vaccines were also available at the event.

The Spay/Neuter Collaborative group includes:

Officials from KCKAS said that the day was a huge success, with all slots filled and 45 KCK pets made compliant with KCK animal ordinances, potentially stopping hundreds of unwanted pets from being born.

In all, The Spay and Neuter Collaborative of Kansas City fixed a total of 321 pets at 7 different organizations.
KCKAS officials are proud to be a part of SNCKC and wanted to thank the following organizations for their assistance and support in the Metro-wide spay/neuter event, expressing that they could not have accomplished this without their veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and staff members' help.
Animal Services is a no-kill shelter serving the community of Kansas City, Kansas. Each year, Animal Services responds to approximately 5,000 calls for service in Wyandotte County with an intake of 2,000 animals.
In addition to dealing with domestic animals, Animal Services officers are also called upon to round up stray horses, herd goats, evaluate injured wildlife, and any number of other calls dealing with the multitude of animals found in our community. In order to more effectively manage high intake numbers, Animal Services has developed strong working relationships with a number of established pet fosters, trappers, rescues and adoption programs in the region.
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