Public Works Preparing for Storm Debris Collection

Published on August 08, 2023

Photograph of a damaged tree following severe weather in Kansas City, Kansas

Beginning next week, Public Works crews will collect storm debris in the areas most impacted by the recent severe weather. The City is also offering several other disposal options to all residents.

Following a careful assessment by Public Works, teams have identified two locations that were hit particularly hard:

  1. North 59th Street to North 3rd Street, north of State Avenue to the Missouri River
  2. South 59th Street to 18th Street, extending from the Kansas River south to the county line.

Starting Monday, August 14 at 7 AM, Public Works teams will visit these areas to help residents by collecting storm debris. To receive assistance, residents must cut and neatly place their storm debris at the street or curb edge. Crews will only collect limbs, branches, or trees that:

  • Are larger than 4-inches in diameter
  • Are between 4 and 6 feet long
  • Cannot be disposed of in weekly trash
  • Cannot be taken to the Recycling & Yard Waste Center
  • Are within the specified zones

If your storm debris doesn't meet these criteria, you can still dispose of it in your regular trash, at the Recycling & Yard Waste Center, or at the Johnson County Landfill. Please be aware that due to the demanding nature of debris collection, teams will not be able to revisit a street or neighborhood once it has been cleared. Please make sure your items are by the street or curb edge by 7 AM on August 14.

Please refrain from placing trees, limbs, or branches directly in the road, and do not cover objects such as fire hydrants, utility markers, or poles.

For residents outside of the collection areas, you can still request assistance by filling out the Storm Debris Collection Request form:

Residents without internet access can request service by simply dialing 3-1-1. Please help spread the word by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors.

If you're not within the designated boundaries or if your storm debris doesn't meet the collection criteria, there are several disposal options available:

Storm Debris Disposal Options

Bring it to the Yard Waste & Recycling Center
The Yard Waste & Recycling Center is located at 3241 Park Drive, Kansas City, Kansas 662102. Due to the recent severe weather, its days of operation have been extended. The center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM until August 27.

While the Recycling & Yard Waste Center welcomes various types of waste, please remember that stumps and logs larger than 12 inches in diameter and items over four feet long cannot be accepted. Visitors will need to show proof of residency. Accepted documents include a driver's license, BPU bill, or something displaying their name and address. Waste from non-profits and businesses is not accepted.

Put it Out With Your Normal Trash & Recycling
Kansas City, Kansas, residents can place debris curbside on their normal trash day. Leaves and grass clippings must be bagged and not more than 50 pounds per bag. Tree limbs must be tied in bundles not more than four feet long, less than 50 pounds, and 4 inches or less in diameter. For an example of what bundled debris looks like, click here.

Take it to the Johnson County Landfill
Kansas City, Kansas, residents can dispose of debris at the Johnson County Landfill located at 17955 Holliday Drive, Shawnee, Kansas 66217, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. The Johnson County landfill will accept landscape waste delivered by Wyandotte County residents, free of charge, based on the following guidelines:

  1. Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, branches 3 inches or less in diameter and 4 feet or less in length, fallen fruit, nuts, and acorns
  2. Yard waste must be generated from a residential property within Wyandotte County
  3. Yard waste must be transported to the landfill by the resident disposing of it
  4. Visitors must provide proof of residency upon arrival at the landfill
  5. Residents are limited to one load of no more than 3-cubic yards of material per week
  6. Material not accepted as landscape/yard waste includes, but is not limited to, branches/stumps in excess of 3 inches in diameter, cut or rolls of sod, and manure